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  • The Eastview Board meeting will be held tomorrow evening (Friday) at the usual time and place.
  • The District 5550 Rotary Conference will be a one day meeting on Webinar on May 23, hosted by the Rotary Club of Kenora.  The cost is $50. 


The guest speaker today was Karen Schultz, with Refuge for Women in Chicago, USA.  Karen noted her admiration for the robustness of Rotarians in their communities.  Karen spoke about human trafficking in the USA and Canada with the comment that there are many similarities between the two countries on this issue.  A common term for human trafficking by authorities is 'modern slavery'.  It is a billion dollar business that targets girls as young as 13 and in some cases 11 year old girls.  Social media has become an easy vehicle for perpetrators to expand their crimes.  To see Karen's presentation click on the ZOOM picture above.
Friday Speaker: Karen Schultz, Women's Refuge | Rotary Club of ...
Karen noted that Force, Fraud, Coercion and Grooming are the techniques used by the individuals to target young girls and women.  Survivors suffer trauma, PTSD, mental and physical illness and addictions.  The vulnerable are often living in poverty, or have a dysfunctional home life, experience sexual abuse or are simply teenagers.  There are many red flags that indicate a problem.  
If one suspects a situation may be human trafficking,it should be reported to law enforcement.  This is a start although the process is complicated via this route.
On another front, Covid-19 occupies our minds these days.  It is interesting to note what some  Rotary clubs are doing to help in the pandemic.  For example, Rotary members in Hereford, England, created a FACEBOOK group for Rotary members and others to use to link people who need support with organizations that can help.  More than 6900 people joined the group since it started on March 14.  Read more at  
  • There was no local news on our Eastview Rotary family. 
  • One Eastviewian noted that she is enjoying spending time with our new ZOOM famiily.  Thank you to all to who joined our meeting today.
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Philosopher's Corner

"Our family is like branches of a tree.  We may grow in different directions yet our root remains as one." Anonymous

Today's guests

We enjoyed the company of a number of Rotarians & guests:
ROTARIANS included:
Joanne Misner and PDG Clare Thompson from the R.C. of Dryden; Bob Durston from RC of Neepawa; Doug Keam from RC of Regina; John Schneider, Lynn Ridgway, Carlyle Murray from Regina Industrial Parks; Adele and Adam Kramer, Amy Collado, Sean Friesen, Lorna King and Bevi Heron from Regina Oskaya
GUESTS:  Karen Schultz, Jim Powell, Jessie Carlson, Alison Holzer, Dave Wessel and Wilma Bell Wessel; Trish & Sara Wozniak, Marlene Heimlic and Micah Mae.  FORMER EXCHANGE STUDENTS: Meire Elem Pimental-Brazil; Ana Beatriz Raduan-Brazil; Thomas Van Der Muren-Belgium.  Good to have all of you with us.
Weekly Lunch Meeting
May 07, 2020 12:00 PM
Weekly Lunch Meeting
May 14, 2020 12:00 PM
Board of Directors Meeting
Access Communications Boardroom
May 14, 2020 5:15 PM
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