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  • Next week's meeting (October 24th) is at the Italian Club - If you are going to the meeting you must let Clarence Krause know you are coming - e-mail him at:
  • October 24, 2019 is World Polio Day, so this will be the programs focus - there will be formal cheque presentation from our club to Polio Plus. Members are invited to bring their individual Polio Plus donations to the meeting - please make out your cheque to The Rotary Foundation (Canada) and indicate "Polio Plus" in the memo line.
  • The RC of Regina Industrial Parks is celebrating their 35th Anniversary on Wednesday October 30, 2019 at the Sandman Hotel & Suites. Cocktails are 5:30 P.M. with a Roast Beef Dinner at 6:00 P.M. Tickets are $40.00 and are available from Lynn at 306-570-7662. Regina Eastview sponsored the creation and chartering of Regina Industrial Parks and it would be nice to have a contingent of our members at this celebration.

Speaker Sherry Knight Challenges Regina Eastview Rotarians and Guests: "Ignore Conflict at Your Peril".

Pat Dell introduced Sherry Knight, who "...has a broad background in helping organizations with their people, performance and profits." Improving performance through coaching, training and facilitating of workshops is a significant component of Sherry's 25 year investment in her clients. Coupled with delivering keynote talks to help individuals explore a variety of ways to improve themselves, their businesses and their relationships. Because functioning as an effective Rotary Club, relationships are key, Sherry’s focus on dealing with conflict has a direct application to what we do as a service club.
It was not a surprise to learn that conflict occurs in all aspects of life - in the family, one's place of work, in team games and even charitable environments like a Rotary Club. Sherry reminded us "conflict " is not to be viewed as squaring off in "fisticuffs" and brawling, but rather in a process of defining "points of view" and addressing difference from a position of "what can I let go , and on what can I compromise.
Guest Speaker Sherry Knight
Often conflicts are the result of inaction when a "problem" was first encountered, and this inaction becomes the routine. Sherry noted the importance of letting the other person know how this "action" makes me feel, e.g. anger, frustrated, sad, bewildered, etc. we were counselled to do some self-examination, in terms of how did I partake in this conflict, and did I let this go on when I should have taken a stand. It is equally important to look at things from a positive perspective and determine how the conflict can be addressed through conversation.
Sherry concluded by reminding us of the importance of being clear, regarding our expectation going forward and getting a commitment that this is an acceptable outcome.
The moral of this story is - "People never leave because of the organization, they leave because of people."
President Jack thanked Sherry for her enlightening presentation and presented our guest with one of this VIP aprons!
If you want learn more about Sherry Knight, please go to:
This is My Life - Helen Timm
Rotarian Helen Timm shares her
"This is my Life"  Story
Helen Timm reminisced about meeting with Doug Mortin a year ago where membership in Rotary was explored. She was seeking "volunteering opportunities", having retired from her professional career and recently widowed, Rotary was under consideration. A Registered Psychiatric Nurse, her practise was in Saskatchewan, spending some time in the North Battleford facility. She also did extensive traveling to remote parts of the province meeting with clients where she was confronted with the task of building trust with individuals who were challenged by mental health issues. She returned to Regina and obtained a Master’s Degree from the U of R. Spring and summer are great times to be in Regina and the Royal Regina Golf Club is a favorite place. She has appreciated her Rotary experience and likens Rotary to "opening doors". Through Pat Dell and Ann Grahame, she was involved in Club Service and planning the Club's 60th Anniversary, and Community Service and their important projects. Additionally, attending the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg was a great experience.
Thank you Helen Timm for choosing to be part of the RC of Regina Eastview.
The Birthday Celebrants
Sherry Mckinnon, Allen Hillsden and Dave Edwards

Philosopher's Corner....

"The one who plants trees knowing he will never sit in their shade has started to understand the meaning of life."
                         Rabindranath Tagore

Today's guests

Sherry Knight, Guest of the Club; Sofia Mandala, Rotary Exchange Student; Darcey Moen, guest of Chris Hefner; Natasha Birnie, guest of Doug Archer; and, Visiting Rotarian Carlyle Murray, from Regina Industrial Parks.
Oct 17, 2019 12:00 PM
Managing Conflict in the workplace.
Oct 24, 2019 12:00 PM
Greg McNamara and Peter Peters - Ending Polio
Oct 31, 2019 12:00 PM
Sask. Union of Nurses - Award winning video
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Next Meeting Responsibilities

Registration: Ann Grahame
50/50: Pat Richards
Greeter: Joyce Butler
Student Pickup: Sherry McKinnon
C4C - Oct 18 - No School
         - Oct 25 - Ann Grahame, Tania Woroby, Shreedhar Jachak
Adventures in Agriculture student arrival
Delta Hotel
Nov 27, 2019
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Here are some of today's highlights of fellowship
  • Shreedhar Jachak has officially concluded practicing medicine after 65 years of dedicated service to patients and their families. Thank you Shreedhar for sharing your life in this humanitarian fashion. 
  • Sherry McKinnon, Sofia's In-Bound Counsellor, encouraged members to invite Sofia to family outings, sporting events, concerts, etc. Let us make this Sofia's best year ever!
  • Jeff Barber sold $80.00 of 50/50 tickets; Lyle Gollnick held his hand over his heart as he searched for the off color marble. Lyle came up “blue", but on the good side, his "hand over his heart approach" did prevent a medical emergency;
  • Dave Edwards returned from a trip to England, France and Portugal which contributed to the fine box;
  • Clarence Krause told us that this coming week their son will ring the bell on the New York Stock Exchange;
  • It was a Wedding Anniversary announcement day at Eastview - Gary and Jessie Carlson 58 years; Leo and Helen Ell 64 years; and Doug & Leslie Mortin 52 years - Congratulations All!!!
  • Charles Sadzamare's grandson graduated from High School and his parents are treating him to a tour of France Greece and Portugal (3 days in each country);
  • Chris Hefner and some of his "gaming" friends were on TV this past weekend participating in a major event;
  • $1,058.00 plus in next week’s 50/50 draw. 9 marbles left in the box.
  • Next week at the Italian Club - see you there.
Dr. Shreedhar Jachak - Take A Bow!
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