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  • Next session on membership is February 6, 2020
  • Jenna will send a link for each member to tell their story.
  • Toshiji Shinmura, sponsored by Ron Okumura, has been approved by the Board for membership in Eastview.  Members having any concerns should notify President Jack within the next week.


Some of the comparisons between Eastview and R.I.:
  • The average age of Eastview members is 68 years.
  • New member retention in our club  --24% and RI--79%. 
  • Men/women--our club 67/33 and RI--77/23
  • Over 50 years of age--our club--90% and RI--46%
  • From the survey:66% of Eastview members believe we need to make more of an impact and do hands on community projects and...  41% believe we need to reduce the costs of meetings to appeal to new members and....41% believe we need to improve the culture in our club.  
PDG Nancy and Dave Morris
  • Today's meeting was informal for the purpose of reviewing the survey completed by members in the past few weeks and to consider the future of our club. 
  • All of the comments were compiled into a document by Jenna providing good information for our review.
  • President Jack noted that our membership is declining and that we can decide how we want to grow.  If we do nothing, change will be forced on us and the first step may be cutting programs.
  • Membership is growing in underdeveloped countries but declining in developed countries.
  • There are 1.2 million Rotarians in the world.  There was a gain of 158,000 last year and a loss of 164,000.  
Gilda Treleaven-Graham and Kevin Hayes
Members were asked for comments and for their story--what made them passionate about Rotary.  One response was to elevate women in the world, another was the 4-way test which appealed to a member just as she was starting her own business.
The Family of Rotary
Welcomed our guest Rotarians and Dave Edwards who was online for the meeting.
  • PDG Nancy Morris and husband Dave from Winnipeg and....
  • Stewart and Gilda came for the meeting and to buy tickets for the Valentine Gala. It was a pleasure to welcome all of you. 
  • Gary Carlson had the lucky ticket for the 50/50 draw but unfortunately the marble was blue.  Better luck next time, Gary.
  • It was good to hear the comments from members.
  • We want Eastview to grow. Thanks to Jack and Jenna for their presentation.  A lot of work went into the preparation of today's program.  We have been given much food for thought. 
  • We each have a story that made us stop and say 'wow'.  ''Now I am proud to be a Rotarian"  Share your story when Jenna sends the link.
  • R.I's VISION is: TOGETHER we see a world where PEOPLE unite and take action to CREATE lasting CHANGE across the Globe in our communities and in ourselves.
  • What is Eastview's vision?  Till next week.
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Today's guests

Nancy and Dave Morris from the R.C. of Winnipeg Charleswood
Gilda TreLeaven-Graham and
Stewart Graham from the R.C. of Regina.

Next Meeting Responsibilities

Registration: Gail Bradley
50/50: Kevin Hayes
Greeter: Gary Carlson
C4C: Jan. 24 NO SCHOOL
Jan.30--Doug Mortin, Allen Hillsden, Ron Okumura
Jan 23, 2020 12:00 PM
Jan 30, 2020 12:00 PM
Regina Economic Developement
Feb 06, 2020 12:00 PM
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