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  • Welcome to January, which in Rotary is Vocational Services Month;
  • Next Thursday our Guest Speaker is Tamara Larson who is speaking about Empowering Girls - An RI Presidential Initiative - please join this 12 noon meeting;
  • Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 5:15 is the monthly Club Officer and Director ZOOM meeting; 
  • Be "Rotary Ready" for the Affinity Credit Union Valentine GALA, a repeat of the 2021 celebration, only bigger and better, and including
  • Two evenings of eating opportunities - February 12 and 13 (from 4:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.);
  • Pick-up and delivered meals from The Rotisserie;
  • Silent Auction items - so find something to contribute to this excitement;
  • Organizers are looking for corporate and individual sponsors;
  • Club Website will be operational shortly and it is where you will book your meal(s), make sponsorship donations and volunteer your service;
  • If you are able, consider volunteering as a meal deliverer.


President Pat Dell introducer today's Guest Speaker Rhonda Blackmore, Assistant Commissioner and Commanding Officer for the Saskatchewan RCMP. Assistant Commissioner Blackmore assumed the Commanding Officer Role in April 2021.
Originally from Hanover, Ontario, she joined the RCMP 25 years ago and has served in Saskatchewan, Ottawa and Alberta. Her experiences early in her career working in Assiniboia, Regina (now White Butte) and Buffalo Narrows Detachments served as the foundation to her policing career with each posting in the province providing her with a strong understanding of policing in  Saskatchewan, and the uniqueness of each centre and the importance of recognizing the differences.
She is the recipient of the RCMP National Headquarters Division Commanding Officer's Commendation for Outstanding Service, the IODE Police Community Relations Award, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, and the RCMP Long Service Bronze Clasp for 25 years of service and is a Member of the Order of Merit of Police Forces.
In her opening remarks Rhonda Blackmore touched on her appreciation for Saskatchewan and the sense that it is "like coming home". She observed that growing up in rural Ontario, is a significantly similar to Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, because people help one another, the recognition that we are a community. Based on this premise, Blackmore's approach to her Commander role and one of her priorities is to ensure that RCMP members and new recruits understand the importance of becoming part of the community to which "you" are posted. Involvement is key, remembering that doing little things are important and will be remembered. However, members are also encouraged not simply to participate, but more specifically to see a need and lead in activities that address this need. RCMP Officers come and go in communities but they must remember to impact for good wherever they go. She provided a host of examples in all over the province where RCMP detachments have led in making the Christmas season brighter for COVID stressed communities. From generating food gathering initiatives for Community Food Banks to organizing a Parade of Lights with RCMP, Firefighters, EMT, through communities as a show of appreciation for what the community has achieved to demonstrate they are "Community". As new to Saskatchewan, her new role Commander Blackmore spoke highly of the commitment RCMP members have to their communities, and in the respect they generate for this commitment as demonstrated by the community of Indian Head in response to the death of Constable Shelby Patton.
In her concluding comments Rhonda Blackmore touched on the importance of recruitment and on the value of finding local persons. People who have useful communication skills and are comfortable in using these skills in situations where tension can be a component and cool heads are required. Training is focused on the use of these skills. She reminded us that "use of force" occurs on 0.1% of all calls, so the ability to communicate is a critical component of RCMP member's "toolkit".
Jean-Marc Nadeau expressed our collective appreciation to Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore for her quality presentation and the important service she is providing to the people of Saskatchewan.
Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore
Runa Yamaguchi, our Club’s 2017-2018 Rotary Exchange Student from Japan, and her friend Hozuki, spent the Christmas holiday with the Jack Wozniak family. Runa is attending Cornerstone International Community College of Canada in Vancouver. She is there taking Hospitality and English classes and will be there until the middle of August 2022.
Runa Yamaguchi & Hozuki Moriyama
The Family of Rotary
  • Members joined in expressing their  condolences to Doug and Leslie Mortin and their family on the passing of Doug's Mother on December 20, 2021. Margaret Mortin's Obituary introduced readers to the beauty of this lady through this observation: "Be encouraged to join the family in being happy for Peg's healthy, happy, and fulfilled life and her dignfied and graceful death as was her last wish. Laughed often, loved always."
  • Rotarian Gordon Wicijowski receives pin for 60 years of service through the Rotary Club of Regina Eastview. Gord was invited to join Regina Eastview in 1961, when our Club was 2 years old, and so for all current Regina Eastview members Gord has always been there and is our solid rock. Having been “Loaned” the classification Accounting Services, during his Induction, Gordon Wicijowski fulfilled the four “ideals of service” referenced in the Object of Rotary with a quiet dignity reflected in persons blessed with wisdom and knowledge.  
  • CONGRATULATIONS Gord – Thank you for 60 years of distinguished, Service above Self, it is an honour to be in your company.
Gord Wicijowski 60 + years of Service
& the Masked Allen Hillsden
  • Great guest speaker in the person of RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackstone;
  • The fact that Gary Carlson could join the meeting from beautiful snow covered B.C.;
  • Doug Keam started Regina Eastview's 2022 year off right by joining our gathering;
  • Richard Schwan tested the commitment of our members of new year's resolutions and 5 members responded and we all hope that Gary Carlson gets his corner of the basement cleaned out, and that Toshi can get to visit his homeland - may your stated or unstated goal come to pass;
  • Happy dollars came from Ann Grahame, she  attended her son's beautiful wedding at Lake Louise;
  • Doug Mortin was pleased that he and Leslie were joined by daughter Andrea from Ottawa but at the last minute, because of COVID challenges, the rest of the family chose not to come.
  • Tip of the Hat to Allen Hillsden for visiting Gord Wicijowski at The Williston and presenting him with this significant service recognition;
  • Look forward to seeing everyone next week.
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Philosopher's Corner

“Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do!”             
                                   Robert Schuller

Today's guests

Great to be back at Regina Eastview after the Christmas holiday and to be joined with some very fine guests. Guest Speaker RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore, Alexandrea Nadeau, Winnipeg and Doug Keam, Rotary Club of Regina, all contributed to making this a good day to be at Rotary - thank you all.

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December polio vaccination campaign begins

KABUL, 13 December 2021 - The fourth round of a national polio immunization campaign begins this week (13–16 December 2021), and will be synchronized with Pakistan to improve cross-border polio eradication efforts. The campaign targets 9.9 million children aged 0–59 months across the country and is scheduled to start later this month in some parts of the country, including in the south and east, and in the provinces of Paktia and Ghazni in the south-east, Ghor in the west, and Balkh in the north.

This is the second campaign this year to reach children in areas previously inaccessible to the polio programme. A campaign in November 2021 delivered polio vaccinations to 8.5 million children under the age of five, including 2.4 million children who were vaccinated for the first time in over three years.

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