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  • September is Basic Education & Literacy Month in Rotary - please read or re-read the article titled The Gift of Reading on page 36 in the August issue of ROTARY - The Guatemala Literacy Project, like the Ripple Effect Program is changing lives in Guatemala;
  • Next two Thursday's Eastview's noon meetings will be via ZOOM;


    For Regina Eastview members, family and friends, it was another Imagine Rotary Thursday as we gathered at the Regina Cemetery for a tour, guided by Regina's Cemetery Tour Guide guru, Kenton de Jong. Kenton is a wonderful story teller with a well-researched history of this, Regina's first cemetery.
    It is important to set the scene. This was a planned one hour tour, beginning at 4:30 P.M. Kenton hinted that we would be visiting selected grave sites, mainly we learned as we walked, because they add to the mystery and mystic of a "grave yard". The fact that there was enough of a breeze that the rustling of leafed trees blended in with Kenton's tales of ghostly happenings in various building in Regina, I was left with the sense that our group stayed close together.
    Here are is a list of the sites we visited and a glimpse of the attraction:
  • William Percival Selby (1883-1914) was the first male citizen born in Regina, among his many outstanding characteristics and contributions to this community is the fact that he lived in the Regina's first "wooden house";
  • We paused at the oldest grave in the Cemetery - it was a child, David Lindsay, who was buried here in 1880 (or 1883) - Kenton explained that here-to-fore persons who died were simply buried in their respective yards until it was determined that this might not be a healthy practice;
  • We gathered around Neil Taylor's (1895-1947) grave and learned of this WWI contributions and his return to Regina, with his glass eye ("in hand" or "in head"). His exploits on the football field, prior to there being a "Roughrider" dream, were legendary, hence the naming of "Taylor Field";
  • We next walked to James Strathdee's grave (1878-1936) who was connected to a building on the corner of Dewdney and Cornwall and died under, what Kenton referred to as not clearly determined circumstances, and his ghost along with 2 or 3 others still haunts the said building;
  • The story associated with our next grave added to the afternoon intrigue. Mary Polly Hutchinson was 32 years old when she and her unborn child were killed by the father of her then unborn child and her 2 previous children. He was later apprehended, convicted and executed for this crime.
  • We paused at the Darke Mausoleum and learned about Francis Darke, successful businessman, Regina's youngest mayor, Member of Parliament and driving force behind the creation of Regina College which over time became the University of Regina. The Tyndall stone (from the Manitoba Quarry) Mausoleum serves as the "resting place" for 7 members of the Drake family;
  • We next stopped at the graves of Mary McIntyre and Ida & James McDougal and their daughter Margaret. Mary, Ida and James were part of the 28 people who died in the 1912 Regina Cyclone. Margaret died a short time later and may well be the 29th claimed by that tragedy of nature;
  • In 2017 Kenton de Jong was successful in leading a partnership of supporting individuals and organization in erecting a stone remembrance of the victims of the Spanish Influenza of 1918-1920. The disease infected some 2000-3000 citizens of Regina and 330 died and were buried in this particular area of the cemetery which had been established as a "paupers field" and among others buried here were the persons executed for their misdeeds;
  • Our final stop was a short walk to the Jewish portion of the Cemetery where, with our heads covered as requested, we paused at the site of Simon Fogel (1930-2013). We learned that Simon was born in Poland and in 1939, he and his parents were taken by train to Auschwitz. Simon was separated from his parents who were sent to the gas chamber, and somehow survived and after the War in Switzerland or Austria before coming to Canada, living for a time in Winnipeg before coming to Regina. Simon Fogel was a beloved member of the Jewish community as evidenced by the number of small stones around the head stone - "flowers do not last, stones are forever"
    And so ended our brief walk in this garden. For Kenton this 1 hour walk is an introduction to Regina's interesting Cemetery history. The available 2 hour Tour is even more enchanting. Darkness has descended and he has information which will draw participants closer to one another. I recommend you take this stroll with the gifted Kenton de Jong.
Thank you, Kenton, for sharing Regina's "Cemetery" history with the
Regina Eastview Family.
Kenton de Jong beside the Headstone
remembering the victims  of the 1918-1920 Spanish Influenza
Past Presidents Picnic
    The Past Presidents Picnic (PPP) is one of Regina Eastview’s social highlight events of the year. In keeping with established tradition, it was held in Pat Dell and Glen Tressel’s back yard last Sunday. It was an ideal sunny afternoon, having been postponed from a rainy Sunday 2 weeks earlier. 
   This highlight gathering saw the induction of two new members, Oladayo Ajala and Richard Taylor, who were loaned the Classifications of Project Control Specialist and Travel Consultant respectively. Coupled with this, Club Treasurer, Shannon Windrim, was recognized for 5 years of service through the Rotary Club of Regina Eastview.
    Visitors Bill and Jackie Carter and Doug and Nancy Porcina (Fort Qu’Appelle), and Jana and Eghosa Amadasun and former Eastviewian Laurel Mattison were much appreciated additions to the crowd of some 50 persons.
    Pat and Glen have been the wonderful hosts of the PPP for many years. Each year their back yard has proven to be the ideal space - tents, tables, a canopy of leafed trees, a barbecue banquet with donated salads and 6 kinds of homemade ice cream. It is tough to beat the combination of good food and Rotary fellowship - each year this event reminds us of the value of this family.
    In recognition of this “service above self”, President Jeff presented Pat and  Glen with suitably titled CHEF head coverings, which will make them standout in any crowd.
Thank you, Glen and Pat..
Glen Tressel & Pat Dell PP Picnic Esteemed Hosts
The Family of Rotary
  • Just to remind the Ell household and the Regina Eastview Family, Leo's birthday is on September 18 - CONGRATULATIONS, Leo;
  • New members Richard and Oladayo were caught wondering where they should best display their newly presented Rotary lapel pin on a T-shirt.
(L to R) Richard Taylor and Oladayo Ajala 
Welcomed to Regina Eastview
  • The 4:30 walking Rotary meeting was in and of itself an appreciated highlight;
  • The following gathering at Bushwakker's was a wonderful topping for a fellowship evening;
  • As an "infrequent" visitor to an evening pub, I was amazed at the dedicated efficient service in this busy establishment - the right food (me thinks) came rolling out to the right person, and we all left satisfied;
  • Thank you President Jeff, for making the arrangements.
  • Hope to see you all next week - enjoy this touch of fall.
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Philosopher's Corner

"It isn't life that matters, its the courage you bring to it."
                          Sir Hugh Walpole

Today's guests

The Regina Eastview family was joined by "maybe soon to become members", Eghosa and Jana Amadasun, for the walking tour and fellowship time. Great to have you walking with us.

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