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  • Peter Peters began the meeting by acknowledging we share Treaty 4 lands, home of indigenous and Metis peoples.
  • Next week there will be an update from the Board of Directors meeting being held tonight.
  • April 28 will be an in-person evening meeting at the Royal Regina Club.  Price will be $50.  Please inform Gail Bradley of your attendance by April 22.  Pat will need to let the Golf Club know to put your name in the pot!  A number of awards will be presented.
  • May 5 will be different--a country music meeting with Justin LaBrash--a regular noon zoom meeting with a little country entertainment..
  • Stay tuned for golf messages from John.  Hard to think of golf today but John will work his magic with the weather.


We were fortunate today to have two members of the RPS Community Engagement Unit with us to talk about Prevention/Protection from scams and fraud.  Cst. Melissa Klemp is in her 16th year of policing. Her duties have included Patrol, School Resource Officer, Crime Stoppers and, currently in the community engagement unit. She has also spent some time working alongside the RPS financial crimes unit and additional experience in investigating fraud related complaints.
Cpl. Melinda Lalach is in her 19th year of policing and has spent time in Patrol, Stolen Auto, CFSEU (a joint action with the RCMP that focused on drug/gang activity) and TRiP (The Regina intersectoral Partnership). She is currently assigned to the Community Engagement Unit which focuses on proactively building relationships with various organizations and partners within the city of Regina.
These police officers provided us with excellent information in many areas including  grandparent scams where grandparents are contacted by a 'lawyer' or the 'police' 
claiming a family member has been in an accident or for some other fictitious reason requires money. Hang up and call either the police or another family member to verify.  The officers continuously advised that 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.'  Other areas where we need to be watchful are extortion, the caller wants you to click on a link and pay in bitcoin.  No reputable company/bank will ask for payment in bitcoin.  Be cautious about clicking on a link from an unknown source regardless of their threat of arrest or that it is an emergency.  Romance scams have victimized many usually older lonely people.  Discuss with a family member.  Never send money or give out personal information unless the caller seems to be legitimate.
TOP THINGS TO REMEMBER FROM RPS: Never give information over the phone or on a  website; No legitimate organization will ask you to make payments over the phone by bitcoin, credit card or e-transfer; always call a friend or family  member directly if you receive a request for money for an emergency; scammers are good at what they do--listen to your gut feelings; no legitimate organization will ask you to verify a SIN or credit card, etc; if you don't initiate the call you have no idea who you are talking to.  Thank you officers for this excellent information session.
Sam Berg, Chair of the Community Services sub-committee, accompanied by Ann Grahame, presented a cheque to Wendy Sinclair, Indigenous Services Advisor, and Amber Christensen, Executive Director, Central Library, at Regina Public Library, Main Branch for purchase of bookshelves to be placed in Community centres throughout the city, on April 11, 2022.
Further to the work noted above by Community Services, below is Sam Berg with Lyle Gollnick presenting a cheque to Greg Stevenson for Chili for Children in the amount of $1900--$900 of which was from a District 5550 Grant.  Congratulations Community Services on all your hard work for two very good causes.
  • A small number of Eastviewians took the opportunity to participate in the District 5550
    April 9 Membership night with a presentation by PDG Dan Doherty of Calgary West on membership.  We were reminded that Together people create change.  Membership is a contact sport, he said. Leadership is about inspiring, empowering, sharing a vision and leading change.  “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  Food for thought as we think about the declining membership in our District.
  • We did not hear from the Sergeant today so in keeping with Sergeant Richard's continuous attempts to educate us about all things, here are a few facts for you to ponder: 
    1.Regina became the capital of Saskatchewan in 1905. 2. Regina started off as a hunters’ camp in the 1880’s. Back when the buffalo still roamed the prairies it was called Pile O’Bones. 3. Regina is the 16th largest city in Canada. The population of Regina as of July 1, 2018 was 257,337 people – according to Statistics Canada.  4. Regina sits at an elevation of 577 metres above sea level. It’s mostly flat with a maximum elevation change of just 43 feet within 3.2 km of Regina.  5. Regina is the closest city to the centre of North America.  6.The hottest temperature ever recorded in Regina was 43.3°C on July 5, 1937.  7.Regina usually endures 201 days a year when the minimum temperature is at 0 °C or below. 
    Glad to be of assistance to the Sergeant!
    Have a nice Easter everyone.
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Philosopher's Corner

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Today's guests

We were honoured to have 2 officers from Regina City Police Community Engagement Team, Cpl Melinda Lalach and Cst Melissa Kemp presenting to us today.

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