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  • 7:30 A.M. Saturday, May 23rd is Virtual District 5550 Conference - a history making experience;
  • Remember to cast your vote on what you consider the 3 best Club Videos - you decide the order;
  • May 28, 2020 Mayor Michael Fougere will be our Guest Speaker so you will want to be "on-line" ;
  • Remember, May is Youth Services Month in Rotary.


President Jack Wozniak introduced our Guest Speaker, Don Sandel, Founder of GoPositiv, “an innovative solution for the organization challenges of engagement, well-being, and performance." Don, who joined us from Chicago, is a professional speaker and travels (traveled) around the world talking with people about the importance and impact "positivity" has on people and their lives. Helping his audiences understand how the stresses and anxiety which we face on a daily basis impacts our health, performance and longevity.
In his presentation, Don spoke about The Power of Mindset - the Placebo Effect, which functions on the premise if you set your mind to a task and focus on it coming to pass, it will be achieved (something like Henry Ford's - "If you think you can or you think you can't - you are right."). Historically, humanity knew it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. This was so until 1954, when Roger Bannister did so in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. Being "Happy" is the impactor. Happy Optimistic Positive (HOP) approach to life is the key. Don spoke about how HOP improves six areas of health, and touched how this occurred in one's Cardio, Inflammation, Pain, Immune System, Brain and Longevity. He showed the Business Impact of the Happy Optimistic Positive approach, e.g. 16% increase in productivity;85% more efficient; 10 times less likely to take sick leave; 6 Xs more energized; 10 Xs more engaged; and, tended to stay twice as long in their organizations. By the way, within one year after Bannister achieved the impossible seven other runners joined the Club - it is about shifting the "mindset".
Don Sandel's Mindset Slide
Each of these 6 steps play a critical role in achieving a Happy Optimistic Positive approach to life. While Don touched on each of these 6 steps, the one which captured my attention was step 2 - Gratitude Activity. Don encouraged us each day to identify three things for which we are grateful, one of these things must be a person - and you must tell the person - I started today.
 Don Sandel, Founder GoPositiv
You will learn more when you "click" above where you will hear and see a portion of Don's presentation. I encourage us not only to listen to Don, but be inspired by his message which will motivate you into a HOP Mindset.
Don Sandel, thank you for making this a great Rotary day!
Lest I think I am in a tough spot!
Super Cyclone Amphan struck Bangladesh and India Wednesday morning. As the first deaths are being reported, ShelterBox operations teams are working hard to learn the full extent of the damage and understand how best we can aid families as they deal with coronavirus threats and the massive destruction caused by this major storm.
  • Sergeant Pat Dell recruited the shy, with-drawn Allen Hillsden to fill in for her in the "fund extraction" business which he did in fine form;
  • a) Unbeknownst to virtually everyone, we did not realize we needed to have our Rotary pin in prominent display on our being - a loonie fine;
  • b) Did anyone remember the cover story on the May issue of The Rotarian -  no response other than Sam Berg who guessed it was something about Costa Rica - with the exception of Sam we all pay;
  • c) Who is the Rotary President in 2020-2021 - we all pay;
  • d) Is there a Canadian on the Board of Rotary International? - and, yes there is, no one other than Allen knew who that was, so we pay.
  • Happy Dollars came from:
  • Ann Grahame, who was happy her grandson is on the water again and the birds and animals provide wonderful entertainment at her home;
  • Charles Sadzamare was delighted that his daughter is part of his home as she is unable to return home because of the travel ban;
  • Doug Mortin is going for a haircut tomorrow at 10:00 A.M.;
  • Leo Ell told us about their Para-Legal daughter generating some fantastic marks;
  • Jack Wozniak seeded 6 acres and is waiting for rain;
  • Jenna Raimbault hauled 3 yards of dirt into her back yard and is waiting for wondrous things to grow;
  • Somebody loaned Peter Peters a Webcam so he was visible to meeting attendees;
  • Be sure to be tuned into next week's ZOOM meeting;
  • Have a great week everyone!
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Philosopher's Corner

"Trust in your craft enough to admire it, study it, perfect it, breathe it. Never stop getting better at whatever it is that you love to do."

Today's guests

Included the following: Don Sandel, Guest Speaker from Chicago and Jessie Carlson guest of Gary Carlson. We also had the following Rotarians from Rotary Clubs around the District - Doug Keam and Stewart Graham and Gilda Treleaven Graham, RC of Regina; Amy Collado and Adele Krammer RC of Regina Oskaya; Bob Durston RC of Neepawa.

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