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  • Next Week - Re-Envisioning Our Club (Part 2) stepping into a Strategic Planning phase - VISION, MISSION and more;
  • Please get your promised Valentine GALA Silent Auction Items to Allen Hillsden this weekend - you will be a hero;
  • The Club's International Service Projects Committee welcomes your donation to the Annual Programs Fund of The Rotary Foundation, which ensures Regina Eastview's eligibility to access District and Global Grant Funds.


Pat Dell introduced Ashley Stone, Destination and Tourism Regina Director, whose mandate is, to support the tourism industry in Regina, which consists of "providing a memorable and authentic experience for each visitor ". This does not sound like an easy task, and the role was given to someone from Alberta. In this role Ashley "provides leadership and strategic direction, collaborates with key stakeholders and is a driving force behind making Regina a compelling choice for business and leisure travelers". Ashley's positive and cheerful personality and passion for showcasing Regina as a fun and friendly destination, convinced members of Eastview that she is one of Alberta's gifts to this province.
Guest Speaker Ashley Stone
Ashley spoke about Regina being more than a place people drive through, rather it is a "destination" point, and as such it is the trigger that drives our economy. Her "job" is to ensure that each person who comes to our City will get something positive from this experience.
    One of Tourism Regina's foci is that of Entrepreneurship, Food and Agriculture. 2.84 million people visit Regina on an annual basis, and one thing they all have in common, is their need to eat. This is a significant economic boast to the City. We have Mosaic and Evraz Place which has the combined infra structure and capacity to accommodate large conventions, sporting events and concerts, as demonstrated in the past year by the Farm Progress Show, Garth Brooks concert, Canadian Western Agribition and the great 2019 NHL Heritage Classic.
    Regina is the "Home of the RCMP, and is now home to the world’s largest known Tyrannosaurus rex unearthed in 1991 in Saskatchewan’s Frenchman River Valley.  A replica of Scotty was installed at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina. 
    Regina is a place to "live" and "learn" and Asley Stone works to make us all proud.
Want to get excited about what Regina offers?
Go to:
Prepare to be amazed!
Shannon Orell-Bast and Elizah Orell
    We were blessed today to have in our midst our Club's 1993-1994 Out-Bound Rotary Exchange Student Shannon Orell-Bast and her daughter Elizah. Shannon and her family live in Regina and she and Elizah came so she could express her appreciation for the impact the Exchange had on her life, career, family and all aspects of her being.
    She came to encourage Rotary to keep Youth Exchange as part of our program so that young people could experience this life enriching and "growing up" opportunity (Doug, she spoke highly of you - thought you should know).
The Family of Rotary
  • Barry Strohan celebrated a Birthday, and we sang - he just smiled - what else could he do!
Barry (with his apron) & President Jack
  • Everyone in attendance got a Rotobuck - for coming out on a rather un-nice day;
  • Peter Peters was fined for admitting to surprize, after a photo he took, which included the Sergeant, the camera continued to function;
  • Ann Grahame was proud to tell us that her Grandson Paul, was acclaimed Best Actor in a Play (non-professional) in the 2019 Broadway World Calgary Awards  in - WHERE WORDS ONCE WERE - Storybook Theatre;
  • Completing the 2nd Member Survey this month got such individuals recognition and no fine - non-completers got the fine;
  • Look forward to seeing you next week "Re-Envisioning" Part 2.
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Philosopher's Corner

"Inside of me there are two dogs. One is mean and evil and the other is good and they fight each other all the time. When asked which one wins I answer, the one I feed the most."
                                   Sitting Bull

Today's guests

Guest Speaker Ashley Stone, Shannon Orell-Bast and Elizah Orell, guests of the Club; Bob Friedrich (Gwen's husband), seems there was a lack of clarity on attendance when they left for work this morning; and, Toshi Shinmura, guest of Ron Okumura

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