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  • Post-meeting Announcement - The board has approved Ted Kent for membership in Regina Eastview. A former member of Regina Eastview, Ted currently works for Knight Archer;
  • Any Regina Eastview member who has a concern with Ted joining our club please reach out to John Van Koll or any member of the board with your concerns.  If there are no concerns raised in the next 7 days,  it is hoped Ted will join us on our Feb. 4, 2021 via Zoom to be formally inducted into our club;
  • Valentine GALA update - 75 dinners sold to date- over $14,000.00 raised in sponsorship and donations; 50/50 tickets sales are up to $1,600.00; and Silent On-line Auction items are being picked up and bidding will begin on Feb. 1, 2021;
  • Thank you all for helping make this Valentine GALA an "isolated" success.


    President Jean-Marc Nadeau had good fortune of introducing District Governor Gailmarie Anderson, from the Rotary Club of Melfort. We learned our DG was born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She is married to Lorne Anderson, a farmer in the Melfort area and has 3 married adult children (and 2 wonderful grandchildren) who all live nearby. Their children were Long-term Youth Exchange Students and for some 25 years the Anderson's were Host Parents for international students. A teacher by profession, which included a M'Ed, where her thesis was on Literacy, and a High school teacher, Tanzania, East Africa in the early 70’s, led to a lifetime involvement in International Development Education. Gailmarie has continuous involvement at the District level as part of the World Community Service Committee; was the Group Study Exchange (GST) Team leader to Finland; District GST Chair; and, was the Vocational Training Team (VTT) District Chair, which gathered together VTT Teams to Ethiopia and Guatemala.
    Using Power point slides, DG Gailmarie provided an up-date on her District Governor preparation This together with the comradery developed through their training and strengthened by regular ZOOM meeting with her 40 plus Governor Colleagues from RI Zones 28 and 32 has created a strong bond of friendship. Zones 28 and 32 is a 4 country, 2 language community of Rotarians in Bermuda, Canada, France and the United States community.The Governor bonding is enhanced by Rotary International's dynamic President, Holger Knaack from Germany, who has led the District Governors around the world to grab hold of RI's Action Plan of: Increasing our Impact; Expanding our Reach; Enhancing Participant Engagement; and, Increasing our Ability to Adapt. The fact that Rotaract is now part of Rotary International is critical. To Gailmarie as these young people are not our "future  leaders", rather they are our leaders today and to Gailmarie being in their midst is in, and of itself, an inspiration. Similarly increasing the number of women in  Rotary is key and having Canada's Jennifer Jones posed to assume the RI President role is consistent the need to diversify. Encouraging Club's to develop strategic plan which has a definite "action" focus is consistent with our District's focus.
    Communication is a key component of the District Program. The District 5550 Monthly Evening Talk Shows,  Monthly Newsletters, an up to date District Facebook Page and three planned District Training for all Rotarians beginning on February 22, followed by 2 in March via ZOOM will replace the "at one time" District Assemblies.
DG Gailmarie commended Regina Eastview for our historic leadership and our readiness to advance Jean-Marc Nadeau to become part of the DG Team, where he will assume the DG role in 2022-2023. DG Gailmarie acknowledged with appreciation the fact that Regina Eastview is working on their Strategic plan and aligning it with that of Rotary International and the District.
District Governor Gailmarie Anderson
    In her introduction DG Gailmarie observed that RI President Holger Knaack was the right fit for this challenging year in Rotary. As Rotarians across District 5550 we are most privileged to have Gailmarie Anderson as our District Governor, for she, supported by the DG Team, is the right fit for this time.
Thank you, DG Gailmarie, for your leadership.
Why Rotary Branding Matters
It might seem like a small thing, but a logo that isn’t used properly can create confusion and mistrust. When clubs use Rotary’s logos consistently and properly, we maintain a global Rotary brand that members, donors, and the public can trust. In the first of a series of Rotary Voices blog posts on this topic, Rotary’s brand specialist Liz Thiam explains why clubs should use the Rotary logo correctly in their communities.
Do click on the article - it is worth 1 5 minute investment. PHP - Editor
The Family of Rotary
  • The Club paused for a moment of silence in memory of our Honorary Member Richard Downing, who passed away on January 23, 2021. Richard and Jean Downing were consistent and keen participants in Regina Eastview activities from the time they moved to Regina in 1985, which was part of Richard's 47 years of Rotary service.                                Thank you, Richard, for walking with the Regina Eastview family, you lightened and enlightened our journey;
  • District 5550 was saddened to learn of the passing of Elaine Thompson, District 5550’s First Lady when her husband, Clare, was District Governor in 1996-97. As members of the RC of Dryden, the Thompson’s travelled the district reflecting RI’s Theme Build the Future with Action and Vision, a Theme they continued to personify throughout the ensuing years. Elaine was a gracious, caring lady whose dedication to Rotary ideals was a natural fit.
  • Please keep these members of our Rotary family in your thoughts and prayers in the days to come.
Honoray Member Richard Downing
  • At one point there were 30 participants on our ZOOM gathering;
  • We sang Happy Birthday for Barry Strohan (Jan. 30);
  • The Sergeant attempted to fine Richard Schwan for advertising "his business", but he was able to "negotiate" a better deal by re-directing the fine to a Valentine GALA sponsorship donation;
  • The Sergeant's next fine attempt was directed to some attendees for suggesting  Saskat-chewan "riffraff" was not welcome in other provinces, or was it that we were keeping out the "riffraff" from our soil;
  • TRF was the recipient of some "fine" money - thank you Bob Durston;
  • It got better with happy dollars when we learned that Gary and Jessie Carlson closed down their Bed and Breakfast operation - must be retirement time;
  • A couple of members were delighted their furnaces were repaired during the coldest time of winter;
  • Laurel Mattison brought warm greetings from Gord Wicijowski, who like many of us is feeling isolated;
  • Thanks to each person on the call today - it was an "isolation "softener";
  • Stay well my friends.
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Philosopher's Corner

“Don’t let your ice cream melt while counting someone else’s sprinkles.” 

Today's guests

We were pleased to have the following Guests and Rotarians join us today. Guests were Jessie Carlson and Margaret Peters (briefly). Visiting Rotarians were DG Gailmarie Anderson (Melfort), PDG Fred Wright (Kenora), Bob Durston (Neepawa) and Vic Wiebe (Weyburn), who is searching for a Rotary home in Regina (thank you for check-ing out Regina Eastview).
You all helped make it a good Rotary Day!

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