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  • Vice President Jeff Barber hosted the meeting today.
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It was a pleasure to welcome Kali Ann back from her student exchange year in Sweden.  Kali and her family agreed that she would stay the full year while other students returned home early due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kali Ann arrived in Stockholm on August 1, 2019.  For the first few days she had an introduction to the culture, language basics, and Swedish activities where there is a strong emphasis on water sports.  She lived with different host families, one about 45 minutes out of the city, and another in an apartment in the city. School was different.  She was placed in Grade 2 (Grade 3 is our Grade 12) and studied a different subject every day for a week which was then repeated.  She visited the grandparents' tree farm and a first for her was picking mushrooms. At the end of her first month she traveled 8-10 hours by train to a gathering of exchange students in her district.  They enjoyed canoeing, hiking, swimming and fellowship. 
Throughout the year she met many Rotarians.  Some of the highlights of her year were as follows: the variety of fresh fruit; she gathered with other Canadian and American exchange students for a Thanksgiving meal; she played hockey, soccer and football.  Christmas was a special time visiting the markets, and celebrating Christmas over 3 days as most of us do in Canada although the activities were different.  She joined a youth group and a choir and joined a Santa charity run, dressed as Santa!
 She became good friends with her host sisters.  Her parents had planned to visit at Easter but due to COVID-19 this could not happen.  However she went to her host parents' summer home where she baked, swam and fished.  Sleeping on a sailboat was on her wish list which was granted to her with a one week sailing trip.  Kali Ann was a wonderful ambassador for Rotary, Canada and Regina.  She participated in every activity she could and made many friends.  This was just the experience we hoped you would have Kali Ann.  
Kali Ann with a host family
Kali Ann noted the following:  there was a culture shock.  Winter is very dark with perhaps two hours of sunlight a day while summer days have many hours of sunlight and she experienced the 'midnight sun'.  She became more independent, learned a different living style and became a very good cook.  She learned Swedish and to live in the moment.  She hopes to return to Sweden some day and tour more of the country and become fluent in the language.  The world is your oyster, Kali Ann!
Fun in Sweden
Celebrating Host Father's Birthday and Canada Day
Kali Ann celebrated Canada Day at the host parent's summer house.  There was a picnic, swimming, ice cream, paddle boarding--all good fun.
Africa is polio free
The World Health Organization (WHO) on 25 August announced that transmission of the wild poliovirus has officially been stopped in all 47 countries of its African region. This is a historic and vital step toward global eradication of polio, which is Rotary‚Äôs top priority.  Read more at:
  • Jack Wozniak was the Sergeant today and immediately asked for Happy Bucks.  He said he would not issue any fines today because we were all so awesome.  (Laughter was heard from Jeff Barber--one wonders why!)
  • Jack had happy bucks because ZOOM has been updated.
  • Allen was happy that Gracie has fully recovered.  Both of you stay well.
  • Doug Mortin reported that the Rotary Riders had a great ride and raised over $17.700--$5000+ over last year.  Congratulations and thanks to the Riders for your ongoing commitment to the children of Guatemala.
  • Jeff reported one good thing resulting from COVID-19 for him is that he is spending more time working outside and enjoying our lovely weather this past few weeks.
  • Peter Peters was happy 'yours truly' is doing the Rotor.  Let's hope for a successful conclusion!
  • Happy bucks in dollars can be sent to Shannon with appreciation.
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Philosopher's Corner

"Take time to be friendly--it is the road to happiness;
Take time to dream--it is hitching your wagon to a star; Take time to love and be loved--it is the privilege of the gods; Take time to look around--it it too short a day to be selfish; Take time to laugh--it is the music of the soul." Thank you Shreedhar
                       Old English Proverb

Tody's guests

Kali Ann Friesen-guest speaker: Sean Friesen and Bevi Herron-R.C. of Regina Oskaya; Carole Bryant-R.C. of Regina

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