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  • 24 Aug, 6:00 P.M. -- Backpack Packing at The Salvation Army 2240 – 13th Ave.;
  • 27 August, 3:00 P.M. start -- Past Presidents' BBQ at Pat Dell's;
  • 29 August – 4:30 P.M. Start - All-Clubs BBQ in Rotary Park for Peace Pole Dedication with Lt.Gov. Mirasty;
  • 31 August No Regina Eastview Meeting;
  • September 11, In-person meeting with the RC of Regina hosting;
  • Word from this evening's Club Director Meeting is that the Golf Tournament netted the Club $4,725.00 - John Van Koll, Pat Dell and all involved organizers "Take a Bow"!


    President Al Hoeft had the gathering into the buffet line minutes after 12 noon. So, while the ZOOM'ed folks shared stories among themselves, the in-person crowd enjoyed Delta's appreciated offering.
    Dining looked after, Allen Hillsden led in our National Anthem, Ernie Richardson was the lucky 50/50 ticket holder and sadly received nothing for his investment, which means next week provides another opportunity. Pat Dell was Sergeant reminded us once again that a Rotarians attire must include name tag and name badge.
In introducing today's Program, President Al referred to our treat would be to see Rotary at work through the eyes, first of a Junior RYLA Student, and then through the lens of a person with a perspective of 50 years of Rotary service. He then called on Irelann Pankewich who experienced Junior RYLA for the first time...
    12 year old Irelann, started by telling us Camp RYLA was the highlight of her summer.  Her initial nervousness disappeared as soon as she stepped onto the bus - she knew this, "was going to have fun". During six hour bus ride many friendships were created. The counselors were ready for the students with their beaming smiles and welcoming waves. She was introduced to her cabin friends by the Counsellor Tye and then off to the Rec room, where they introduced themselves. After breakfast the first morning, there was a game where they learned something about each other, which, like all the games they played, brought them closer together. 
    The Theme of this year’s camp was to restore hope in the world, which included doing small projects which could become bigger at home. Projects like donating money to humane societies, toy drives, community fundraisers for different charities. Some of these can change a family in a day and that is what gives hope.  They did “hope” projects every day. Each morning there was a sharing time - topics like, “What is your favorite memory?”  The sharing circle was an emotional part of the day but they helped us realize we were not alone.  Irelann admitted she learned sharing things was a relief because others had the same feelings and she was not alone. She felt more connected.
    After lunch there was a break - the volleyball court was fun, and hanging out by the water was great - even napping was ok.  Meals were fun times as well - like “no utensils” when eating spaghetti. After dinner game included figuring out puzzles of riddles, or the most important, “The amazing Race” -  a bunch of games in one - racing canoes; putting shaving cream on a teammate's face and getting 10 cheerios to stick - 1st team done, wins. This was a great opportunity to work as a team. They made music video which was choreographed by student teams, while the music was chosen by the counselors. The music videos were fun to make, and are now on YouTube. 
    Evening campfires were great opportunities to talk about the day.  One of the leaders liked to share "un-scary, scary stories which were really just funny".  After the campfire everyone got ready for bed. At the last campfire students shared their favorite parts of this adventure and it seems they cried a lot because no one wanted to leave because of the fun they had and how close they grew as friends. 
    Irelann said RYLA was like a second home, where she felt safe and always welcome. She indicated, she would forever be grateful for all of the friends she made. In closing, she thanked the counsellors for making the camp so fun and safe. This was her first ever camp experience and she extended a very sincere thank you to the Rotarians who made it possible for her to be part of the RYLA 2023 experience.
Thank you Irelann Pankewich for being Regina Eastview's Junior RYLA 2023 Ambassador.
    In calling Shreedhar Jachak to the podium for Part 2 of today's Program, President Al having presented Shreedhar with the "Half Century" pin, invited Shreedhar to share aspects of his walk with Rotary.
    Shreedhar shared how growing up in India he had learned of, and been impressed with the work of Rotary. It was not until his family moved to Fort Qu'Appelle, that he had the opportunity to become involved joining the Club in 1971. While he was there he took leadership in getting the community its own Ambulance. The Club did not have many members but they were recognized as important by the community. The Club took the lead in getting a kitchen in the Community’s Recreational centre. The Annual Christmas Dinner for the widows was a community highlight, obviously for the widows, but also for the Club which thrived on the warmth it created.
    On moving to Regina he had the good fortune of being proposed for membership in Regina Eastview by the late Madhao Thakre, former Eastview Rotarian.
Shreedhar, you have served our Club, and in turn the Regina community, our District and the world, in a manner that makes us proud to be together in this family, we call Rotary.
Irelann Pankewich

three ideas to promote mental health in your community

By Claudia Urbano, Rotary Service and Engagement staff
Posted August 24, 2023
In a recent blog post, 2023-24 Rotary International President Gordon McInally highlighted the importance of prioritizing mental health and well-being. Through the Presidential Initiative on Mental Health, he calls upon the Rotary family to shine a spotlight on existing work and promising approaches that can be replicated worldwide. The goals of the initiative are to
  • Erase the stigma associated with discussing mental health
  • Raise awareness about mental health challenges
  • Increase access to care
(top row, from left): Marisol Chianello and Judith Verduzco; (bottom row, from left): Dr. Maribel Khoury-Shaar and Guity Javid. Los Angeles, California, USA. 22
We encourage you to plan, promote, and support club and district-led service projects that align with these goals.

Read the entire article at:

The Family of Rotary
Today we shown the light of recognition and appreciation on Toshi Shinmura for his Induction into the Regina Sports Hall of Fame which will take place on October 5, 2023. Today Toshi advised that he has taught Judo for 45 years. There are people around the world who have been touched and inspired by our Rotary colleague's skill and ability. Here is information from Toshi's Bio for your consideration
Toshi Shinmura Sensei was born and raised in Kakegawa, Japan.  As a teenager, he was drawn to martial arts, earning a black belt in karate through the Kakegawa Karate Club, and a black belt in judo through the Seidokan Judo Club in Yaizu.  He came to favour judo because of the defensive, rather than offensive, nature of its techniques; and he maintained a strong bond with his judo instructor, Tadashi Fukumura, who was a highly-respected leader in the judo community, and champion of Central Japan in competition.  Fukumura Sensei’s influence, coupled with the consequences of opportunities afforded Toshi through Judo Saskatchewan,, inspired a life-long passion for judo.
Shortly after Toshi immigrated to Canada in the 1970’s, City of Regina Parks & Recreation requested that he start his own dojo.  His Seidokan Judo Club was very successful, and he ran it until 1998.  At that time he became head coach at the Regina YMCA Judo Club, and held that position until 2016.  He also provided mentorship to the coaches who established the Avonhurst Judo Club in 2000; and he coached there for several years.
In his early years with Judo Saskatchewan, he was a competitive athlete, becoming Senior Provincial Champion from 1978 to 1982; and he continued to earn promotions.  He is a Certified National A Referee, an NCCP Level 2 Certified Coach, and has held the rank of Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) since 2012.
During Toshi’s judo career, he was Chair of the Judo Saskatchewan Officials Development Committee for ten years, working to recruit and develop referees in the sport.  He was also a member of the Judo Saskatchewan Grading Board for twelve years.  His technical superiority and knowledge of the Japanese sport made him invaluable to this committee, whose responsibility is the promotion of all black belt rankings in the province.  He has also conducted judo clinics and self-defence sessions for the Regina City Police, the RCMP, and out-of-province judo clubs.
Toshi’s ability to recognize potential in young athletes and help them achieve their goals is unmatched in Saskatchewan.  He has developed countless national and international level competitors and medalists.  Many of the judoka under his training have gone on to have successful athletic careers as coaches and referees in clubs across the country.
In 2016 Toshi was recognized by Judo Sask for his efforts in the betterment of judo in Saskatchewan by making him the first recipient of the “Award for Long Term Dedication to Judo in Saskatchewan”.
Advancing age and health issues have somewhat limited Toshi’s physical activity, but he wishes to continue sharing his expertise on the mats as long as he can; and he hopes that Shinmura Judo will bring new generations of judoka into the arena of great sports/life experiences.
Toshi Shinmura Sensei
  • It was a meeting of highlights with opportunities for loud and lasting applause;
  • Toshi Shinmura was recognized for being part of the Class of 2023 Inductees into Regina Sports Hall of Fame;
  • Sitting at a table with Toshi was RC of Regina Rotarian, Ernie Richardson who was Inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 1971 for his prowess as an internationally recognized and honoured Curler;
  • Mindful that "service" is our "business", it was only appropriate for President Al to call to the podium, Eastview Rotarian Shreedhar Jachak and recognize Shreedhar for his 50 years of SERVICE through Rotary - service provided through the Rotary Club of Fort Qu'Appelle, and since 1995 through Regina Eastview, where he was President in 2004-2005
  • President Al selected Pat Dell to practice at her favorite Sergeant-At-Arms Role, which immediately cost him $2 for a seeming "misdemeanour";
  • Always good to see to see Barry Strohan and Dave Edwards at our meetings for a host of reason including the following:
  • A couple of aging "cane-users" were fined for taking up space reserved for the physically challenged;
  • And, the un-named Club Treasurer was fined for, "always whining about money";
  • Past Presidents who had not paid the required Past Presidents Picnic fee of $30,00 now had to pay $32.00;
  • Shreedhar Jachak boasted about having been  blessed with their 5th Great Grandchild;
  • Gilda Graham was pleased to tell us that they visited their Great Grandchild last week in Slave Lake, Alberta;
  • In-Person meetings are the best and it was great to be together with members of the Rotary Club of Regina, an opportunity we will do again on September 11, 2023;
  • Have a great week everyone.
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Philosopher's Corner

"The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure , but from hope to hope."
                        Samuel Johnson

Today's guests

Joining our meeting today were Guest Speaker Irelann Pankewich, her Grandfather Albert Pankewich and via ZOOM, Visiting Rotarian Bob Durston, from the RC of Neepawa. Thank you all for adding to our time together.

Next Meeting Responsibilities

September 7, 2023

Host: Hans Gaastra;
Moderator: President Al Hoeft
Aug 24, 2023 12:00 PM
Aug 27, 2023 4:00 PM
Past President's BBQ at Pat's!
Aug 29, 2023 4:30 PM
Peace Pole Dedication & BBQ in Rotary Park
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President Al presented Shreedhar Jachak with a pin to recognize Shreedhar's 50 years of service through Rotary.
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