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  • Following is a summary of President's Jeff announcement sent out earlier today:
    Next Week's (October 6) in-person meeting at the Delta. It will also be on Zoom.  The meeting will start at noon and finish by 1:15
    The Main Program is the presentation of the Community Paul Harris Fellowship to former Mayor Michael Fougere.  There will also be ample time for Rotary Service Awards and fellowship.
    Meal options are:
    1. hot buffet - $30
    2. fruit plate - $25
    3. grilled cheese sandwich - $20
    Pay at the door or, e-transfer your lunch fee to  There will be a
    50/50 draw.
    We need volunteers!
    • registration desk - check people in, accept payment, sell 50/50
    • set-up computer and projector ahead of the meeting, test the microphone (the screen should already be set up when you arrive)
    • take down computer and projector after the meeting
    • Jeff would like a general count! If you are planning to attend in person, please reply to this message and let him know if you're attending in-person, and if you're bringing anyone -- partners and guests are more than welcome!"
  • October is, as of this year, Ham Month at Eastview.  Arrangements have been made with a supplier for earlier ham sales, to be completed by end of October.  So get your orders in to John Van Koll as as soon as possible.
  • Jeanne also noted that October is Probst month.


Jeanne Alexander introduced Denise Leduc, a writer and owner of Living Sky Yoga and Fitness in Davidson.  Her passion is with Prairie Bear Books.  Denise's work is inspiring in her goal to bring books to children and youth.  As a librarian, Denise was asked by clients a few years ago if they had any children's books.  She began to realize the shortage of children's books in the rural areas and wondered why not and why not now?  Conversations followed with friends and soon they were collecting used books, and Prairie Bear Books came to be a registered charity.  They have distributed over 15,000 books to children and youth since this began a few short years ago.  They have formed community partnerships, e.g public health nurses who go to rural areas for vaccination clinics.  Nurses can tell the difference books make in a child's development from the age of two years.  The organization also connects with youth centers and schools.  Canada Post provides free shipping in October to small businesses and at that time Denise and her team pack up 5kg boxes of new books to go to NWT and Yukon.  However most of their contributions are within Saskatchewan.  Before COVID the group held annual book drives.  They now partner with the Life Long Learning Center in Regina, receive donations from businesses and individuals and accept used books.  A goal on the horizon of this dedicated group is to gather books in indigenous languages so desired by the northern communities.
When asked how one could volunteer for this group, Denise indicated volunteers could pick up books from donors and drop off books.  She would like to expand the number of persons on their Board which would diversify its complement.  They are looking for new partnerships and hope to expand their visibility.
Thank you Denise for speaking to us.  This is one of the very good things going in our community.  Thank you for sharing your story.  Hats off to you for the wonderful work you and your team are doing.
 The Prairie Bear Books organization making a difference by providing books to youth and children.
Did you know 
  • For as little as 60 cents, a child can be protected from polio.
  • $50 can provide clean water to help fight waterborne illness.
  • $500 can launch an antibullying campaign and create a safe environment for children.
We are reminded of the efforts of the Rotary Foundation that for years have resulted in miracles being performed on a global basis.  Our contributions to the Annual Fund and the other Rotary funds enable life changing projects to be carried out all over the world.  
During the last Rotary year ending June 30, 2022, Eastviewians contributed $172 per capita and a total of $7752 to the Annual fund and $10,434 to all funds. In the first few months of this Rotary year our per capita giving is $28 with $1185 to the Annual Fund and a total to all funds of $1243.  With the generosity of our members we will go higher, dare I say higher, than last year.  A giving of $50 per capita is required for application for a District grant.  Thank you for your contributions past and present and please keep the Rotary Foundation on your horizon.
The Family of Rotary
  • President Jeff acknowledged the members with September birthdays: Jeanne Alexander, Ryan Van Gelder John Van Koll, Leo Ell, Donna Parry, & Greg McNamara.  Coming in early October, Agbor and Ralph will celebrate their birthdays.
Founder of Rotary, Paul Harris planting friendship trees: A Lasting Symbol of Goodwill 
Ever since, Rotarians have planted trees in the name of fellowship, friendship, and community service. These trees, which can be found worldwide, have grown into enduring monuments of Rotary’s ideals.  Even at that time the Environment was front and center.
  • Vic Wiebe was our Sergeant today and he did a fine job educating us on a variety of topics all the while making a little money for the Sergeant's purse.  First was a fine for the President for stealing Vic's idea; then he prompted a discussion on how hurricanes are named--alphabetical and numbered.  Most of us selected to answer, did not do so very well and were fined; We were also asked why damage to Port of Basque is so important to transportation--one of two ferry terminals to Nfld. Another question was what James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon are close to -- the fork where the North and South Sask Rivers meet, and a diamond mine; The new captain of the Regina Pats--Connor Bedard; Who will the Riders beat this weekend--answer from Allen Hillsden--themselves.
  • Happy bucks came from Peter P. as he and Jean-Marc biked 90 Km last Sunday for Multiple Sclerosis with the support of some 60 plus persons around the province. They raised just under $8,000 for the MS Society at this point. Congratulations.  So many good things happening in our city and province.
  • Have a good week everyone.  Enjoy the sunshine.
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Philosopher's Corner

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies ….. A man who does not read lives only one."
George R.R. Martin (American novelist and short story writer).

Today's guests

Bob Durston from the R.C. of Neepawa;
Denise Leduc, guest speaker,
Eghosa & Jayna Amadasun--prospective members of Eastview.  Welcome to all of you. It was good to have you visit us.

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