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  • Next week, March 31st, our Guest Speaker will be Matt Leiske, with REACH in Regina, hope you can be on the call;
  • April 28th Regina Eastview will have a social evening at the Royal Regina Golf Course, where new members will be inducted, Paul Harris Fellow awards presented and "other stuff" shared;
  • President Pat and AG Carole Bryant explained the importance of completing the Survey Rotarians in District 5550 received on March 21, 2022. Both Pat and Carole encouraged members to complete the survey as the information compiled will assist the District, in DG Dan Sutton's words, "to create an effective growth plan to reverse downward membership trends". This would avoid the potential of “re-districting” Clubs in District 5550 to other districts;
  • May 5, our Guest presenter will be Justin LaBrash, Sask. Country Music Awards multi nominee and award winner - this is a Country Music Rotary day - our own Grand Old Opry - a not to be missed event..


    President Pat Dell invited Donna Parry to introduce Savanna Belitski, Program Manager of SOFIA House. Donna told us that Savanna has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Regina and has been specializing in the area of domestic violence for the last three years. In her current role, Savanna oversees programming and is engaged in education and awareness initiatives (such as speaking to community groups like Regina Eastview) related to domestic violence. Prior to SOFIA House, Savanna’s professional experiences included work in a crisis shelter as well as work in the areas of sexual violence and supporting immigrant and refugee women.
    In her presentation using, power point slides, Savanna introduced SOFIA House as a second stage domestic violence shelter. This means initial trauma of finding a safe place after leaving an abusive relationship has been completed and this shelter is considered the “next Step" in a continuum of services required by those fleeing violence. Violence comes in many forms - it can be physical, mental, emotional financial, sexual and harassment; and it can happen to anyone regardless of gender, age, religion, cultural background economic or educational status.
    There are a broad range of challenges to healing from domestic violence - issues like safety for women and children; Legal issues including - divorce, child custody, division of property, criminal charges and court orders; Financial barriers; Isolation; and, Healing from the abuse.
    As a Second Stage  Shelter, SOFIA House has as their MISSION: "To work towards breaking cycles of violence through provision of safe housing, a supportive and nurturing environment, on-site programming and education and awareness". To achieve this Mission, they have 20 fully furnished apartment suites located in 2 buildings. Referrals come from crisis centres, other agencies and government organizations and can also be self referred.
    They have Children's Programming which focuses on preventative education and counseling for children who have experience interpersonal violence. Children at SOFIA House range in age from infancy to 17 years of age.
    Cultural Programming is in place to address challenges created by factors such as colonialism, residential schools, racism and discrimination and SOFIA house employs a cultural coordinator who works with residents to ensure, "cultural forms of healing are available".
    SOFIA House is surrounded by a range of community organizations who serve as most welcome partners. Agencies like Avana Enterprises and Regina Housing Authority; Emergency shelters; Community Resources like the Regina Food Bank, REACH, Kids First, etc.; Removing Barriers Employment Programs - Conexus Credit Union; Regina Work Prep; Small Business, Individuals and groups.
    We can help by learning how to support individuals experiencing violence. We can help SOFIA House by donating clothing, household items hygiene products or monetary donations; Volunteering; Spreading awareness about domestic violence and services available through SOFIA House.
    SOFIA House at 306-565-6060 or e-mail at:
High Tea Celebration at SOFIA House (March 8 Facebook Post)
    "In recognition of #internationalwomensday we hosted a “high tea” to celebrate all of the amazing women who live at SOFIA House.
    We are endlessly inspired by the strength and compassion of the women who choose to share a small piece of their journey with us. We want to spend this day celebrating the women close to us, reflecting on women’s achievements throughout history, and looking forward to the work that is still yet to be done."
Thank you, Savanna Belitski, for providing us with a glimpse of SOFIA House's important contribution to the safety of citizens in our community. Hero Work!
10 Year Partnership
Celebrating Rotary’s
Partnership with ShelterBox
This year, Rotary and ShelterBox are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our official partnership — and more than 20 years of working together to support families whose lives have been devastated by disaster and conflict. We’ve combined our resources and provided emergency temporary housing and other vital equipment to help families immediately after a disaster — and to put them on a path to long-term recovery. To learn more about how your club or district can get involved or to request assistance, visit the Rotary-ShelterBox partnership page.
From the March 2022 Issue of Rotary Leader. PHP
The Family of Rotary
  • Celebration of Life for Grace Hillsden at Harvest City Church on Sunday, March 27 at 3:00 P.M. The Harvest City Website indicates the Service will be Live Streamed at:
  • Clarence and Donelda Krause are pleased that Clarence was transferred to William Booth where he is receiving more extensive physiotherapy important for his mobility;
  • TRF Trustee Chair John Germ and TRF Canada chair Dean Rohrs accepted a gift of CAN $800,000.00 from the estate of at Marie McGee, specifically designated for polio eradication, during a meeting at the Rotary Club of Toronto. Please read the story on this gift and be inspired by the late Marie McGee
  • In the absence of Sergeant Richard Schwan, President Pat Dell chose to fill the role by duplicating Richard's clever "educational" component which works well for him because of the general nature of his focus;
  • Compressing the questions to one's vocation has the tendency to limit interaction, that said, we did learn about the average sale price of a house in Regina in 2021; how many houses were listed that year; the number of completed sales; the current "Insured Mortgage Rate", and the highest mortgage rate in 1979;
  • Happy dollars came from Charles Sadzamare whose daughter-in-law is recovering from COVID-19; Clarence Krause told us of their oldest granddaughter who recently successfully defended her Master's Thesis in Ontario; Al Hoeft and wife Karen were in Winnipeg last Sunday and were pleased to listen to their son preach at the Sunday morning Church Service; Yesterday afternoon Peter Neufeldt happened by the Milky Way, saw they just opened and had his first M.W. treat of the season; Jeff Barber was delighted to tell us he turned 60; Doreen Pankewich told us about their wonderful month away in Mexico, and mentioned the 2022 Valentine GALA profit was $20,500.00; and, Ann Grahame shared the good news that Tania Woroby was discharged from Hospital on Friday;
  • Thank you all for making this a great Rotary Day - see you all in one week.
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Philosopher's Corner

“Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean.”            Bob Dylan

Today's guests

Today we were pleased to welcome our Guest Speaker Savanna Belitski from Sofia House in Regina, and Assistant Governor Carole Bryant, Rotary Club of Regina. Thank you for sharing a portion of your day with us.

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