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  • Next Thursday our Club's regular noon ZOOM meeting features Saskatoon-based youth worker Stan Tu’Inukuafe;
  • Stan co-founded STR8-UP, a program designed to help young men and women escape gangs and leave their criminal lifestyles;
  • Based on Indigenous teachings, the program provides participants with a safe environment to heal, to overcome addiction, and to become productive members of their communities;
  • I have heard Stan speak - you'll want to be here;
  • If you have an interest in Operation Eyesight, go to: ;
  • Information on the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation Website does not appear recent - take a look at: .


    The Monthly Business Meeting provides an opportunity for Club Officers and Directors to provide the Club membership with an update on happenings at the previous week's Club Director Meeting. Today President Pat Dell began by expressing appreciation to the members who took leadership in a successful Valentine GALA 2022. Something less than 150 meals were prepared by The Rotisserie Restaurant and in some cases delivered by Rotarians. Wonderful Silent Auction contribution by individuals and businesses in and around Regina resulted in proceeds nearing $4,000.00. Hats off to this wonderful member involvement event.
    President Elect Jeff Barber will be out looking for nominees for various leadership roles, but also he will be talking to new members in terms of where each one would prefer to contribute
In the absence of financial persons on the call, President Pat advised that Doreen and Shannon have been given the green light to find a new computer to replace the Club's current laptop.
    Gail Bradley, Club Rotary Foundation Chair, advised 3 members are set to receive either initial Paul Harris, or extend their multiple Paul Harris status. This includes Jean-Marc Nadeau, Ron Okumura, and Jeff Barber. Gail also noted the Directors have approved the 2 Community Paul Harris Fellow Awards. The Awardees are Otto and Florence Driedger who were nominated by Doug Mortin and Peter Peters. Arrangements for the presentation are underway. Gail asked Doug Mortin to speak about yesterday's unique filming opportunity. Doug advised that Lisa Peters, with Access Communication's Talk of the Town and Camera man came to the Driedger's home and filmed the presentation which will be aired on Access shortly - members will be advised.
    Information on Community, International and Youth Service Projects are largely included under Fellowship Highlights.
    Charles Sadzamare is working with the Community Services Committee on refining a funding proposal to be presented to K+S Potash for their consideration.
    Past President Jean-Marc is involved with the District Committee Planning for President Jennifer Jones visit to Winnipeg on July 6 and 7, 2022.
    President Pat advised that the directors have deferred going to in-person meetings until later in March, and this depends on the data available at that point.
Thank you all.
Jennie Bryant & Rotarian Vic Wiebe at the Cheque Presentation
    On behalf of Regina Eastview, Rotarian Vic Wiebe presented a $500 cheque to Jennie Bryant,  Executive Director of the Early Childhood Intervention Program, Regina Region. This will enable the Program to purchase a sensory bin of equipment and supplies which they can drop off with families, and connect with them virtually over a six week period to access progress. This enables the Program to assist families in developing strategies for enhancing their child’s functioning in areas of fine motor, cognitive, emotional, imaginary play and speech and language development.   
    A ‘Tip of the Hat’ to the Community Service Projects Committee, which in addition to Vic Wiebe, consists of Doug Archer, Ryan van Gelder, Lyle Gollnick, Ann Grahame, Leif Riesach and Sam Berg, as Chair, for demonstrating how Rotary "Serves to Change Lives". You warm our hearts!
Empowering Girls On-Line Seminar
The following information was sent to Ann Grahame who took in the entire presentation:
    “Thank you very much for registering for the Empowering Girls: Taking Action Together online seminar held on 5th February 2022. The energy and enthusiasm of everyone who joined us live, inspired by the amazing speakers and panel discussions, must now see all of us taking action to empower girls.
     That might be continuing what you are already doing, enhancing existing projects or initiating new ones, reaching out to others to join you, or sharing your experiences and knowledge as together we take action.
    Subsequently, Ann, provided the following note  regarding the the program which she also emphasized at today's meeting: It was a good presentation, even at 4:00 am. on a Saturday morning!  I really wanted the link to put into the ROTOR, with a suggestion that our members watch a couple of the presentations, like the one by the Syrian Civil Rights activist, the one on Child/Youth trafficking, and the one about Menstrual Hygiene.”
Please note: Should the above arrow not work, the following would hopefully work:
The Family of Rotary
  • Shreedhar Jachak told us that Honourary Regina Eastview member Madhao Thakre, fractured his femur. This has been repaired. Please keep Madhao and Kusum in your thoughts and prayers;
  • Allen Hillsden visits Grace in the hospital a number of times each day taking turns with other family members. Please hold the Hillsden Family close to your heart in these days.
(L to R) Peter Neufeldt and Sam Berg
Sam was the winner of the Valentine GALA 50/50 Draw.
Peter, as co-Cordinator of the GALA delivered the winnings.
  • Great when the Sergeant is on board, and particularly so, when he is in a post-Valentine mellow mood;
  • Rather than test our minds and memory "about all things Rotary", today Richard invited a conversation about what actions our Club undertakes which relate directly to Rotary's  focus for the month, e.g. February is Peace and Conflict Prevention Resolution Month;
  • Peter Neufeldt talked about the work of our Club's International Service Projects Committee, touching the Ripple Effect school building and education initiatives which is bigger than children education, but encompasses building community, working together to achieve positive future for all. Our Club's $1,000.00 donation to the Amarok Society is teaching mothers to read and write and they in turn teach their children and children in their neighbourhoods -  education has reduced the number of child-brides because girls now have a future outside of "motherhood". Our support of PolioPlus has helped reduce polio case numbers to 5 cases of wild polio world-wide in 2021, from 140 in 2020 and 350,000 in 1988;
  • Vic Wiebe spoke about sending students to Model United Nations in Winnipeg. Support of Chili Four Children and support for the Canadian Mental Health Regina Branch is about community safety which is clearly a "peace" initiative;
  • Ann Grahame spoke about participating in a 4 hour Zoom program hosted by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland on Empowering Women and Girls, a key focus of RI President Shekhar Mehta;
  • Al Hoeft identified our Club's sending youth to Adventures in Human Rights; Adventures in Citizenship; and Programs sponsored by District Peace Partners;
  • Sergeant Richard remembered Happy $'s;
  • Sam Berg remembered his windfall and shared $10.00; Peter Neufeldt had $20.00 be-cause of the successful Valentine Gala, which look like a profit of nearly $19,000.00; Al Hoeft made a donation that someone out bid his wife Karen on the Regina Symphony Tickets; and, Peter Peters having thought about his legacy appreciated their children and grandchildren;
  • Have a great week - please be nice to Gail Bradley as she will be doing the ROTOR next week.
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Philosopher's Corner

“A man should always consider how much he has more than he wants.”
                             Joseph Addison     

Today's guests

Always pleased to have Bob Durston, RC of Neepawa join our meetings. As many of you know, Bob is the District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC), and is know-ledgeable about Rotary and if he does not know, he knows where to go for the answer. Welcome, Bob!

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February - Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month:
Thank you Rotary Club of Regina Eastview for actively working on the important peace building blocks!
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