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on the right side (where it used to be).
  • Salvation Army backpacks for school children will be filled on Thursday August 24 at 6 o'clock at the Salvation Army Haven of Hope at  2240 13th Avenue. Your help will be appreciated.
  • On Monday, Aug. 14 the Regina Club will host the joint hybrid meeting with Eastview at the Delta at noon.  The guest speaker will be Stephen Lewis.
  • On Sunday August 27 at 3PM, the annual Past Presidents' Barbecue will be held in Pat Dell's backyard. More information in the near future. Note: All past presidents pay for this event.  For all other Eastview members it is free.  
  • On August 29 an all clubs barbecue will be held in Rotary Park.  The refurbished Peace Pole will be installed this week and rededicated on August 29.  His Honor Lt. Governor Russel Merasty will arrive at 4-30 PM for the dedication ceremony. The barbecue will follow.
  • On September 16, PDG Peter Peters, some of his family along with Jean-Marc Nadeau will do their annual bike tour to raise funds for MS.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause.  Peter, family and friends have raised thousands of dollars for MS over the years.  
  • Please continue to support Eastview by donating bottles and cans.  Bags and boxes of refundables can be taken to a Sarcan Drop & Go location.  Drive up to the computer station: answer 'yes' and Eastview Rotary (name) and provide the number of boxes and bags.  Very easy to do.


Following President Al's welcome to everyone and the land acknowledgement, Ann Grahame introduced Ralph Williams.  Ralph and his wife have lived in Tanzania for many years. They have ties to Saskatchewan.  Currently they work as missionaries in Tanzania, in a Maasai village. Ralph initiated the development and set up of rainwater collection systems, a project that gets about half of their funding from Rotary Clubs.

The Maasai are an East African tribe who mainly live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The Williams have been working with them since 2016.

It has been an adventure developing relationships with the local villagers, and helping them build rainwater collection systems to provide them with a clean water supply.  It has been a dream for everyone to have clean water.  Children have to take 1 L of water to school every day or receive punishment.  As a result they collect water from anywhere including mud puddles.  The village, Monduli Juu is on the side of a mountain surrounded by 21 volcanoes.  There are a number of villages with around 1000 people each in the area.  Water cannot be used from wells due to the volcanic contamination of the soil, with fluoride so collecting rain water is the feasible alternative.  Rotary Global grants are being applied for so the can they expand the project to the hospital and schools and eventually a College if partners can be found.  An interesting comparison is that the average American uses 100 gallons of water per person, per day.  Ralph reported that in his area of Tanzania, the water budget is 10-15 gallons per day for 2 people. Ralph noted that in North America we take water for granted.  It was noted that the University of Calgary is developing a Biosand Filter that can provide 95-100% pure water.  Thank you Ralph for your interesting presentation.  One can only have great appreciation for what you are doing for the people in Tanzania.

Ralph Williams with villagers working on rain water collection
The system in place for the school has 75,000 litres of storage, with a pipeline to the kitchen, so clean water is provided for the students and for their food needs.

The new project is to install 21 10,000-litre tanks with a covering roof to serve the village, to provide clean water for about 3,000 residents in the vicinity, with a cost of about $30,000 US.

The area receives, on average, about 30 inches of rain a year with two rainy seasons, the main one from March to May, and the secondary one in November to December.  Thank you Ralph.  Good luck with your projects in the future.

Canoe camping adventure
Peter Neufeldt shares a story with us that demonstrates the power of Rotary.
The international youth canoeing program has been around for many years. This story is from the Sioux Lookout Club and their experience with this program. The story as told by Peter:
“Kirk Drew, the current Club President, has coordinated and led the program for many years. He has joined our Ripple Effect Ride 4 or 5 times. I think Lorenzo Durante has joined us 7 times. They always bring funds from their club when they come. Lorenzo is their Club's Foundation Chair and Friendship Exchange Coordinator.
I mention the experience of 2 young people from countries that strongly oppose each other, and how these 2 young men changed from initially expressing hatred for each other, to forming a deep friendship with each other as a result of the philosophy of Rotary and the strong Rotary leadership in a team-building, learning, and exciting adventure program.  This is a great example of what Rotary is and what can be accomplished through the actions of Rotarians.”
For more information on the program see the following:
Thank you, Peter, for sharing this story.  
The Family of Rotary
  • August birthdays include the following: Pall Agarwal Aug. 6; Joyce Butler August 15; Clarence Krause August 18; Zarin Zavery August 19.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL.
The Rotary Foundation helps the world
The 2022-23 Rotary year ended with the following contributions from Eastview: The Annual Program Fund (APF)--$6096; Per capita giving--$145; Total Rotary Foundation donations--$7424. Congratulations to Eastview members for your generous contributions to the Foundation.  You know the benefit these funds provide.
So far for the 2023-24 year (July to August 10) the contributions from Eastview: APF--$623; APF. Per Capita--$16; Total TRF donations--$774
This is a good start to the year—a week ago the Annual Fund Per Capita was $7, so this demonstrates that we will see your generosity repeated for another Rotary year.  On behalf of the Foundation thank you.  Let’s keep those funds going HIGHER.  Club Rotary Foundation Chair—Gail Bradley
  • Vic Wiebe was the Sergeant at Arms today.  In recognition of the long weekend we have just had, Vic decided to quiz us on the meaning of stat holidays.  Some of the differences between provinces were noted. The August holiday Monday here is Saskatchewan Day.  However, in Manitoba it is Terry Fox Day.  The Feb. 19 holiday is Family Day here and Louis Riel Day in Manitoba.  July 1 is Canada Day everywhere except Quebec where it is 'Moving Day'.  Very interesting Vic.  Thank you.
  • Have a good week everyone. "When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles." Winnie the Pooh.
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Philosopher's Corner

"If you're going to dream, why dream small"
                           Doug Cardinal

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Ralph Williams-R.C. of Arusha (Tanzania)-guest speaker

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