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  • Dec. 10th - 9:00 A.M. Christmas Ham packing at the Regina Food Bank;
  • Dec 20th - 5:30 P.M. Regina Eastview Christmas celebration at the Royal Regina Golf Club - $35.00 per person. Information coming out this week. Sign-up sheets were on the tables today and will be next week. If you did not sign the sheet but plan to be there, e-mail Clarence Krause at:


Krishan Kapila and Madhu Kumar, Co-Chair and Curator/Manager respectively, of the Saskatchewan Visual Art Project 2019-2020, were our guest speakers. The project is entering its 8th year of operation and Regina Eastview has supported this project financially for the past six years. Krishan and Madhu came to update our members on the project and share exciting recent recognitions of this initiative. They have been recognized by the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF). In addition, in May 2019 it was recognized by RCE Saskatchewan, a United Nations University designated Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development, as an Innovative Project.
This Project is a visual demonstration and celebration of, “Art, Faith and Spirituality", as reflected in pieces of art prepared by Saskatchewan students in Grades 9-12. The challenge to students is to, "... create a more inclusive, respectful world through your art. Your work will educate and inspire people of all ages to treat each other and our fragile environment with genuine respect and thoughtful action."
Guest Presenters Madhu Kumar and Krishan Kapila
Recognition by the STF is particularly helpful in that all teachers in the province will become familiar with the project and encourage student participation. Getting into schools in northern parts of the province is seen to be especially helpful in attracting more first nation involvement.
As part of our guests presentation we viewed the  digital presentation, prepared by Access Commun-ications in Regina, showing off the top 15 pieces of art judged in the 2018-2019 show held at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in April 2019.
Piece is titled "Unity in Diversity"
The above photo was selected by the April 2019 Judges as the winning piece of art. The student, from Holy Cross in Saskatoon, sold the painting for $1,800.00. Krishan was quick to point out that while artistic creativity demonstrating the artist's reflection of, "Peace, Unity and Care of the Earth" is primary, the economic aspect is helpful encouragement.
The showing of the 2020 Visual Art Project entries will be displayed at the MacKenzie Art Gallery on April 25, 2020 when Earth Day will be celebrated in Regina.
The Family of Rotary
  • Allen Hillsden was looking quite "perky" after his major surgical intervention;
  • Word is Dave Edwards is getting better by the day and has been seen "working". Wife Wendy is monitoring activity (maybe)!
Photo Caption
  • Bashful Allen Hillsden, dressed for the occasion and then the Sergeant-At-Arms was no where to be seen. He willingly paid the anticipated fine and smiled the whole while;
  • Jenna Raimbault tried to win the 50/50 pot, but came up "blue", so the amount to be won as of today is $1,238.00;
  • President Jack acknowledged that the 2019  Adventure in Agriculture program we hosted last week was successful - more next week;
  • We were delighted to welcome to our meeting  Pauline Nzaramba and Aderonke Aromolaran, who saw Regina Eastview on social media and connected with President Jack - WOW, the power of technology.
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Philosopher's Corner

"When nails grow long, we cut nails not fingers. Similarly, when misunder-standings grow up cut your ego, not your relationship."
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Today's guests

Our guest speakers and guests of the Club were Madhu Kumar and Krishan Kapila. Additional guests of the Club were Pauline Nzaramba and Aderonke Aromolaran.

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 Aderonke Aromolaran and Pauline Nzaramba separated by President Jack.
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