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  • Jean-Marc announced that he will be meeting next week with Board executives regarding committee assignments.  Further information will be available next week at the regular club meeting.
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We were honored today to meet Lani Elliott.  Cory Daly introduced Lani and shared her background information.  Lani grew up in foster care in the small town of Abernethy, Saskatchewan.  As a child, she dreamed of working in law enforcement, and at the age of 19, she joined the RCMP as a special constable, hoping to one day become a member of the Force.  Throughout her childhood she lived with the fear of being taken away.   She had good parents who taught her good values, although family roles were gender based.  This, she said, is probably what motivated her to become a police officer.  She wanted to do everything right.  She married a Master Corporal in the Army and looked forward to a life of love and family.  Prior to and early in the marriage she was isolated by her spouse from family, friends, finances, her career, told what to wear and what to eat.  Midway through her first pregnancy she was assaulted by her husband for something minor and things continued to escalate after that.  Others who saw what was happening remained silent and she was too ashamed to ask for help.  Eventually with her two children she left a number of times and went to a shelter only to return hoping things would be different. Unfortunately, Lani's dreams were shattered when her marriage ended in an unspeakable act of violence that left her with broken legs, homeless and with two small children to raise on her own. Lani recovered in hospital.  Her husband was charged and jailed for only two and a half months.  Lani and her two small boys started over.
Lani shares her story to empower other women to save themselves and their children.  Due to her injuries she could not return to her dream role in the RCMP however last October she returned to the RCMP to train the force in domestic violence.  This presentation was a powerful story by a courageous woman who speaks from the heart.  Twenty five years since she left for the last time, she is still stalked by her husband.  
Lani Elliott--a survivor
  • Lani's message is to help others, it has nothing to do with her spouse. 
  • She has vowed not to let fear control her life. 
  • A number of members' comments echoed thoughts of the rest--Lani shows great courage, she speaks of her past to empower others.
  • Lani helped us to understand a difficult subject about which most of us have no understanding.
  • Thank you, Lani, for making a difference and we wish you well.
The Family of Rotary
Beth Gafney
We were saddened to learn of the passing of Beth Gafney, wife of Brian Gafney who is a former member of Eastview.  Our condolences to the family.
Crow caught in the McNamara's skylight
  • Greg reported that a crow, trying to watch a movie with Anne and Greg, got caught in the skylight.  Greg provided an easy rescue by opening the screen and the bird flew away.
  • Pat Dell had happy bucks for her 25 happy years married to Glen.  They went on a quiet dinner for two at Memories.  They had planned a large yard party--but as we all know that could not happen.
  • Doug Mortin, accompanied by Floyd Manz, reported in while on their 500 Km ride to Yorkton, Langenburg and Moosomin.  Safe travels.  
  • Peter Peters thanked members for their donations to the MS Society.  He and his Pedlars Plus ride this weekend on behalf of MS.  
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Philosopher's Corner

"Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory"
                    Franklin Pierce Adams

Today's guests

Bob Durston, R.C. of Neepawa
Jessie Carlson
Speaker--Lani Elliott

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