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  • Next week's regular Thursday Luncheon is replaced with Friday's Event;
  • Friday, Dec. 20th Regina Eastview's Christmas Celebration, Royal Regina Golf Course - Cocktails 5:30, Dinner @ 6:00 P.M., RSVP Clarence Krause on your attendance, "Yes" or "No", along with the number of people you are bringing;
  • No Rotary meeting on Boxing Day, December 26th;
  • January 2nd first meeting in 2020.


It was a 2-STAR program today as we received and discussed the results of a Membership Survey undertaken in April 2019. We were then "WOWED", as we saw the initial screening of the Adventure In Agriculture (A in A) Promotional Video filmed during the 2019 Program held in Regina November 27 to December 1, 2019.
First-STAR Program - The Membership Survey review. With the use of power point slides, Club Membership Director, Laurel Mattison provided an overview of the feedback received from the 23 responses to the membership survey completed in the spring of 2019. Over the course of the first 5 months of this Rotary year, the Committee has updated the Website and enhanced our approach to "marketing". Attention has focused on controlling the meeting timetable - timely starting of the meeting with O' Canada and Rotary grace, monitoring the eating time, providing our guest speaker with sufficient time, and concluding the meeting by 1:00 p.m. 
Responses to the question, ".. what you like most about our club & being a Rotarian?, largely fit into 4 broad areas: i) The friendliness experienced, meeting balanced with learning and fellowship; ii) Participation opportunities from local to international; iii) Making a difference in the lives of others, again through projects around the world; and iv) The programs and projects we support are also the focus of other Clubs expanding the positive impact.  
To the 2nd question, "What do you least like about the weekly meetings?, the following were identified: i) Podium time is limited to a few participants. Invite different members fill a specific task in addition to filling routine roster responsibilities, e.g. introducing and thanking the speaker; ii) Cost is an issue, e.g. paying for your Birthday gift can be a frustration, single payment of annual dues; iii) Time commitment - hour plus lunch breaks are not appreciated (or not tolerated) by empoyers.
Laurel Mattison, Club's Director of Membership
Laurel concluded her presentation by leading a discussion on, "How can we make Rotary a better experience for our members?". Some areas of improvement were already advanced in the discussion of "least liked" aspects of Regina Eastview. Additional options were identified: i) member attendance will improve if individuals are asked to fill a special task; ii) ensuring new members become actively involved in a committee's functioning is critical; iii) Exit interviews of members who leave the Club; iv) Explore the option of dividing the annual fee to a semi-annual or even a quarterly payment process; v) Having interclub visits - could be easily orchestrated in Regina but could also be introduced outside our community, i.e. Moose Jaw, Fort Qu'Appelle; vi) Consider making our Club more "family friendly", by having family functions (like the Annual Past Presidents Party).
Laurel Mattison, you have set the stage for more exciting discussion and happenings.Thank you!
Four Delightful Students on Day 1 of Their Adventure
President Jack set the stage for the 2nd STAR Program - the A in A Promotional Video. 26 enthusiastic students participated in Adventures in Agriculture 2019. Sponsored by Rotary Clubs from Dryden, Ontario to Richmond, British Columbia, these students spent 5 full days gaining an appreciation for the business of agriculture, including exposure to an array of career opport-unities within the "agriculture" sector. During these 5 days, a videographer travelled to all the sites visited by students and captured their experience on film. In the coming week's a final version of the video will be available and will be distributed to Rotary Clubs in an ever expanding area of Canada. Stay tuned for its release!
Dave Edwards Returns after Testing the
Health System
  • Dave is back;
  • Chris Hefner wins the 50/50 pot of $1,247.00 having selected the right marble out of the remaining 4 marbles in the box;
  • Doug and Leslie Mortin returned from their visit to their daughter  and her family in China;
  • Ann Grahame advised that Regina Eastview is looking to sponsor a student to Adventures in Citizenship in Ottawa
  • Out-Bound Regina Eastview Exchange Student, Sarah-Marie Nadeau, caught CTV's attention with her project of creating care packages for women living in shelters this holiday season. Radio Canada is doing a further story on Sarah-Marie - young lady, you make us all proud; 
  • John Van Koll reported he still has 14 Christmas Hams to sell, please contact him if you want one of these prizes - going fast;
  • "Team Power" - want inspiration - read TRF Chairman Gary C.K. Huang's article on page 59, in The ROTORIAN, January 2020 issue;
  • Have a fantastic pre-Christmas week.
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Philosopher's Corner

In keeping with current inter-national examples, Leif Riesach shared this thought:
"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion."                
                                John Leslie

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