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on the right side (where it used to be).
  • The noon meeting next week, July 7, will be cancelled due to the Golf Tournament being held July 8.  If you have prizes for the tournament please contact Allen Hillsden.  Volunteer help will be appreciated.
  • The next club meeting will be at noon July 14 and the Board of Directors will meet the same day at 5:15 PM.
  • In celebration of the new RI President's cross Canada tour, the Rotary clubs of Regina are hosting an event at the Regina Farmers' Market to profile Rotary and to accept donations for 2 charities--Shelter Box and the Salvation Army.  The latter would be pleased to accept donations of hygiene products, socks and other necessities.  The RI President's closest stop on her tour will be Winnipeg.
  • The R.C. of Industrial Parks is holding their annual Pancake breakfast on August 3.  They would appreciate volunteers to assist in set up for breakfast and the Shelter Box.  Please contact Jerry Boulanger of Industrial Parks for more information.


An interesting presentation was provided by co-owner Laura Stock. Laura is originally from a tiny town south of Moose Jaw but didn't grow up with horses. She had always wanted her own pony. In 2007 her sister Rhonda sat down with her in the little restaurant in Carnduff and asked her if she wanted to buy a farm and move in together. Laura said yes in a heartbeat. Fast forward to 2011 and they got their first donkeys.  They fell head over heels and started to raise money for the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada with plans to eventually start their own. In January of 2019 that dream became reality when they incorporated as Happy Little Hooves Pony and Donkey Sanctuary Inc.  They now have 36 little ones on site, all with special needs as they specialize in medical and behavioral care.  
As Laura spoke and showed pictures of all the named animals her love for them was evident.  She detailed the work involved in managing the behaviors of the animals, many of which had suffered long term abuse; the special diets due to diabetes, the management of badly damaged hooves that with care enabled the animals to walk and run again; the care required in sun, rain, snow.  They provide funding from their personal reserves but also fundraise through online auctions, 50/50 and through donations.  Rhonda and Laura learned as they acquired the animals.  They have taken courses--Laura has first aid training for mini horses.  They are working towards emergency planning and then will be Equine Canada Certified.  How fortunate for these animals to be rescued by Laura and Rhonda.  They do allow visitors and hold an open house once a year.  They do have a Quality of Life Assessment Form for animals that cannot be revived to a quality of life status.  But with the love and care of these women it would seem most do revive and survive.
Thank you Laura for visiting Eastview and telling us about your equine family.  
Laura with one of her special animals
First Days of the Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is located southwest of Estevan 4 km north of the U.S. border.  They have 1/4 section of land with 60 acres fenced off for animals with special requirements and the rest is hay land.
Below is a picture of one of the new classrooms in the Sector Barrios School in Guatemala.  Through the Ripple Effect Program  3-classrooms were constructed in 2014-15 which accommodated a portion of the then student population, however, quite a number of students continued to learn in a building with walls but no floor.  The Sector Barrios additional 3 classroom project was completed some months ago and meets the current student requirements.   Financial savings from the 3-classroom project were approved for building a kitchen, which has also recently been completed.  An environmentally friendly stove was installed in the Sector Barrios school. A tentative project by the R.C. of Retalhuleu for Sector Barrios is a WASH project to install bathrooms in 8 schools and provide education on good hygiene.  A special tip of the Eastview hat to the International Services Committee (Eastview) that has spent many hours in planning and organizing these projects in conjunction with the Ripple Effect Committee.  We can only imagine the difference it has made to the children and their families in Guatemala.
New classroom in the Sector Barrios School in Guatemala
Serving from the new kitchen at the Sector Barrios School
On this last day of June and of the Rotary year, Incoming President Jeff Barber introduced the slate of officers for the coming year: Pat Dell (Past President), Richard Schwan (President Elect), Al Hoeft (Vice President); Allen Hillsden (Secretary), Shannon Windrim (Treasurer), Jean-Marc-(PR Director); Donna Parry (Fundraising), Gail Bradley (Rotary Foundation), John Van Koll (Membership), yet to be filled Director roles (Club Admin; and possibly Projects).  MOTION by Jeff Barber/Allen Hillsden that the slate of officers by accepted as outlined.  Carried.  Committee chairs: Community Services Committee - Sam Berg; ISC - Hans Gaastra; Youth Service - Jack Wozniak
  • PDG Peter Neufeldt took the reins of Sergeant today in the absence of Richard Schwan.  Once again we were put to the test with questions about membership in our club and in our District which seemed to be a moving target these days.  What is most notable to us all is that we have to bring in new members to our club and district.  A document prepared by Peter N. showing the membership challenge will come out to everyone by separate email.
  • Happy bucks were contributed by Ann Grahame who proudly witnessed the Grade 12 graduation of grandson, Finn.  Ann is also happy to be on the list for cataract surgery.
  • Doug Mortin was happy for all who have supported the Ripple Effect Motorcycle Ride fund raiser and expressed thanks to Peter P. and sidekick, Gail, for their work on the Rotor.  Thank you Doug.
  • Sam Berg and his wife had a wonderful trip to Whitehorse and Skagway to witness the longest day.  They could golf past 10PM.
  • Charles was happy that his granddaughter received a prize for running her school of 350 students, as principal for half a day.  
  • And that concluded the Rotary year and President Pat's term as President.  Thanks again Pat for all you have done for Eastview.  As Jeff reminded you, there are still monthly Board meetings for you to attend!
  • Have a good week.  See you next year!
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Philosopher's Corner

"Live like you golf.  Don’t forget to follow through."

Today's guests

We were honoured to have as guests today: Laura Stock, and Rotarians: Bob Durston from the R.C. of Neepawa; Doug Keam and Carole Bryant
both from the R. C. of Regina.

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Tomorrow a new RI President and a new theme with new ideas and challenges.   This is an exciting time however Rotary will continue to serve to change lives.  It's what Rotarians do.
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