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  • Today  Water and Sanitation Hygiene Month gives way to April’s Maternal and Child Health Month in Rotary – remember - important Rotary information;
  • Next week, April 7, our Guest Speaker will be Matt Leiske, with REACH in Regina, hope you can be on the call;
  • April 7 - 6:30 P.M. District Talk Show addressing our District's Membership challenges, an issue which has been a key component of attention for a number of years in Regina Eastview - let us listen, share and learn how to move forward together;
    Register in advance for this meeting:
  • April 21st - Darke Hall’s grand reopening – Gail Bradley advised this opening night is for U of R Alumni – most importantly it is open after, “…more than 12 years of planning, construction, and unwavering support from our community, this storied performance space is once again ready to serve as the cultural hub of southern Saskatchewan”;
  • April 28th Regina Eastview will have a social evening at the Royal Regina Golf Course, where new members will be inducted, Paul Harris Fellow awards presented and "other stuff" shared;
  • May 12th 6:00 P.M., Souls Harbour Love Your Neighour Banquet at Conexus Art Centre - for tickets call 306-522-2182.


    President Pat invited Donna Parry to introduce our Guest Speaker, Megan Van Buskirk. From Donna we learned that Megan is the Operations & Outreach Manager at the Saskatchewan Environmental Society. She grew up on Treaty 6 land, spending much of her time outdoors. From canoeing the Churchill River to backpacking through the Grasslands, she has gained an appreciation for natural spaces and a deep understanding of their importance. She holds two Bachelor degrees, and she is currently working towards an M.A. in Environmental Education & Communication. She volunteers with the Girl Guides of Canada, and is currently leading a unit and serving as the PR & Communications Advisor. 
    Using power point slides, Megan introduced us to the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, which is a Non-profit organization and a Registered Charity. Established in 1970, their work is carried out in Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10. Their focus is broad, from providing education in schools to assisting companies and organizations involved in construction. Their focus is to look at the positives and search out practical ways to be supportive.
    They have 4 broad areas of focus: i) Sustainable Energy & Climate Solutions; ii) Water Protection; iii) Biodiversity Preservation; and, Reduction of Toxic Waste. Megan touched on some ways in which they help students, governments and businesses in addressing challenges they face in wanting to be responsive to sustainability and climate changes. For example they are being cautious in their approach to the proposed expanding Lake Diefenbaker water to farmland irrigation; they favour increasing the percentage of "protected" land in Saskatchewan, which currently sits at 9%; and they favour a reduction in the use of toxic substances which contribute to the creation of "cosmetic" lawns.
    The Society have an exciting panel participating in a Sustainability Speaker Series;
i) April 19 / 7 P.M. ZOOM YXE Wildlife: Biodiversity, Monitoring in Saskatoon;
ii) May 10 / 7 P.M. ZOOM Considering Compost: Large& Small Scale Options;
iii) June 14 / 7 P.M. ZOOM The Climate Crisis and its Solutions.
Visit: to find the ZOOM links.
    Megan touched on "Individual Action Matters", which on the surface appear insignificant but should be addressed. Things like: i) repairing leaking toilets and taps; ii) installing low-flow shower heads; iii) washing laundry in warm or cold water and rinsing in cold water; iv) hanging laundry to dry; v) Scraping food off plates before rinsing and putting them in the dishwasher; vi) rinsing vegetables in the sink rather than under running water; vii) thermostatically control room temperatures in a consistent manner; viii) open windows at night / close curtains and blinds to retain heat and to keep cool; ix) brush or sweep your driveway rather than wash it; x) water the lawn once a week with 1 inch of water; xi) drive the right kind of vehicle; and, xii) keep the tires inflated to the correct pressure. Helpful practical approaches which when practiced by the community make a difference in the world we appreciate.
    To get more information go to:
Thank you, Megan Van Buskirk, for providing a glimpse of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society and the important work you undertake.
Megan Van Buskirk
    In September 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported, that in 2019, 5.2 million children under the age of five died (down from at least 7 million in 2014). “Leading causes of death in children are preterm birth complications, birth asphyxia, pneumonia, congenital abnormalities, diarrhoea and malaria, all of which can be prevented or treated with access to simple, affordable interventions including immunization, adequate nutrition, safe water and food and quality care by a trained health provider when needed.” Rotary and our partners contributed to this reduction by supporting projects which provide immunizations and antibiotics to babies, improve access to essential medical services, and support trained health care providers for mothers and their children. Rotary’s projects ensure sustainability by empowering the local community to take ownership of health care training programs.
    Regina Eastview, and you as members, through your donations to the Rotary Foundation (the Annual Program Fund and the PolioPlus Fund) are key partners in making a difference. Eastview supported projects like PolioPlus, the Amarok Society, Community Service and Youth initiatives are all a part of ensuring the health and welfare of mothers and children – ‘take a bow’.
Rotary's 7 Areas of Focus
In keeping with Megan Van Buskirk's presentation today, it is important to highlight Rotary's Seventh Area of Focus, Supporting the Environment. It joins Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution; Disease Prevention and Treatment; Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene; Maternal and Child Health; Basic Education & Literacy; and  Community Economic Development.
RI past President Ian Riseley is the chair of the Environmental Issues task force, through which he championed this 7th area of focus.
The Family of Rotary
  • Past and current conflicts have had a significant impact on Rotary in Ukraine — which has only made members in the country's 62 Rotary Clubs there, more resolute;
  • Please keep our Rotary family in Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers.
Strength in Times of Crisis in Ukraine
  • In the absence of Sergeant Richard Schwan, President Pat assumed the role and started by asking the Rotary members the April focus on Rotary's calendar - Vic Wiebe knew April 1st was April Fool's Day - most Rotarians knew it was Maternal & Child Health Month, but Peter Peters was able to verbalize it because he had built that into the March 31st ROTOR;
  • Happy dollars came from Carole Bryant, who works with Ranch Ehrlo and praised Jeff Barber and the Regina Public Library for the wonderful Art Display at the George Bothwell Branch featuring art prepared by Ranch Ehrlo students;
  • Ann Grahame followed up on Carole's observation by commending the talented young people who shared their unique artistic gift;
  • Gail Bradley was excited about the April 21 opening of Darke Hall;
  • Peter Neufeldt commended the District's DG Team for taking a district wide approach to reversing the District's declining membership by focusing the April 7, 2022 District Talk Show on developing a plan to expand our membership
  • If you did not register earlier - do so now - click this link to register:
  • Hope to see you all next week. Enjoy Spring.
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Philosopher's Corner

“This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind…Let it be something good.”  
                         Author Unknown

Today's guests

We were pleased to welcome Guest Speaker, Megan Van Buskirk, and Assistant Governor Carole Byrant, Rotary Club of Regina, to our noon hour gathering.

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