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on the right side (where it used to be).
  • Oladayo Ajala has been proposed for membership in the R.C. of Regina Eastview and Pall Agarwal has been proposed as an Associate Member.  If there are any concerns please contact President Jeff.
  • The R.C. of Regina Industrial Parks will be holding their annual Pancake Breakfast on Wednesday August 3.  A number have volunteered from Eastview--your arrival time is 4-30 AM at the Gaebel's Brewhouse parking lot at 300 McDonald Street.
  • Peter Peters reminded us of his bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis.  He has raised $3400 of his $5000 goal.  Your support for this worthy cause is appreciated.
  • Kevin Hayes ( is part of a group looking to buy 100 - 200 mattresses for a charitable cause. Do we (you) have friends/family in the mattress business?  Let Kevin know!
  • Sam Berg reminded us of the Salvation Army backpacking project.  This will take place August 17 from 6-9 PM.  If you can help please contact Sam.
  • Next week the speaker will be Bev Cardinal from the mâmawêyatitân centre.  It has been 5 years since the center was established in our city.


Ann Grahame introduced Rotarian and speaker Jeanne Alexander.  Jeanne has been raised in centers in rural and urban Saskatchewan.  She has been involved in several organizations including President of Saskatchewan Writers Guild Board, President of Wascana Writers, President Board Regina Seniors Center, the Board and several committees of Sask. Seniors Mechanism including Celebrating Seniors. She is a member of several organizations including Board of Government House Historical Society, former President of Regina Canadian Club, published author in several anthologies, as well as host, programmer of  Toast n' Coffee of CJTR FM radio volunteering for 22 years as well as host and community producer at Access 7.  Jeanne has one daughter and two grandchildren.   
One can tell that Jeanne enjoys radio and reminds us it is still popular. Some of us remember the wireless.  There are 4 people manning the site at all times.  It is all about Regina and the people of Regina.  They broadcast world wide 24/7.  It is about more than advertising.  Jeanne hosts 'Toast and coffee'.  Don't expect toast--here it means 'tribute'.  You can hear this program Mondays at 11AM.  It is an opportunity for local artists, authors, CEO's, and associations dealing with the betterment of society to tell their story, promote their interest.  There are various music programs and the opportunity to broadcast in a native language.  Jeanne has hosted many from those hosting church socials to Lieutenant Governors.  She has had some surprises to manage but finds people a joy to interview and learns from them.  
Jeanne invited all of us to contact her with ideas for programs.  She is happy to serve Rotarians and the Rotary Club of Regina Eastview.  Thank you Jeanne for enlightening us about community radio.    
CJTR Regina Community Radio with  Jeanne Alexander and Toast and Coffee 
Regina Community Radio has 2 major fundraisers.  This is an organization with long time dedicated volunteers.  CJTR-FM is a Canadian radio station, airing at 91.3 FM in Regina, Saskatchewan. The station airs a community radio format, featuring a variety of musical styles and talk shows. It is operated by Radius Communications, a non-profit corporation that began fundraising in 1996 and got the station on the air in 2001.
The Rotary Action Plan through 2024
Priorities of the Action Plan:
  1—priority 1—IMPACT—decisions grounded in evidence.
  2--priority 2—REACH--inclusive, engaging, compassionate & ambitious on behalf of the world.
  3—priority 3--ENGAGEMENT--create meaningful relationships across decades and continents.
  4—priority 4--ADAPT--see new ideas that can strengthen Rotary and create lasting changes.
Our support of the Annual fund and all funds of the Rotary Foundation will enable the Rotary action plan to keep moving forward.

Rotary shares an interest in protecting our common legacy: the environment.

"We are committed to supporting activities that strengthen the conservation and protection of natural resources, advance ecological sustainability, and foster harmony between communities and the environment. We empower communities to access grants and other resources, embrace local solutions, and spur innovation in an effort to address the causes and reduce the effects of climate change and environmental degradation".

Read more at:

  • President Jeff began the meeting with our land acknowledgement.
  • We were honoured to have DG Fred Wright visiting with us today.  Highlights from the District include: we need to look at the District Action Plan.  We need to engage our members, our clubs, our community.  There will be more learning and development sessions. There will be more work on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Thank you Fred.  Good to have you with us.
  • Ryan Van Gelder was our Sergeant today and again our knowledge of Rotary was tested.  The first was what Rotary month is July?  There were a few incorrect guesses but the right one is 'Membership Month'.  We were also asked for the Rotary areas of focus.  Most knew the answers. A reminder of the Pancake breakfast inspired the Sergeant to volunteer for the 4:30AM set up.  
  • Happy bucks came from: Charles whose granddaughter is enjoying Dallas Valley Camp; Doug Mortin reported he and Leslie have been enjoying both daughters and their families here for a visit; Jeff, who longs for grandchildren, has enjoyed puppy sitting his grand dog; Peter N and Janet enjoyed a visit with their families from Steinbach and Toronto particularly at the 'inflated island' at Regina Beach; Ryan enjoyed a week at the cabin with wife Kayla and 3 year old son, Anderson. 
  • Jeff announced that Regina libraries now offer meeting rooms free of charge to public groups wishing to gather.  Rooms can be booked online.  This is a gift--all are wonderful meeting areas.  Thanks for letting us know this Jeff.
  • Doreen will be happy to collect your happy bucks by e-transfer.
  • Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.
"There are friends, there is family and then there are friends that become family."
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Philosopher's Corner

"The next best thing to being wise oneself, is to live in a circle of those who are. "
                                      C.S. Lewis

Today's guests

We were honoured to have as our guests today: Bob Durston, R.C. of Neepawa;
DG Fred Wright, R.C. of Kenora;
Doug Keam, R.C. of Regina.

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