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  • Eastview Board meeting is tonight chaired by PP John Van Koll
  • Ann Grahame will be speaking on her previous Rotary Group Friendship Exchange to New Mexico at the Regina Public Library Film Theater on Monday February 24, 2020 at 12 noon.

The scheduled guest was unable to attend the meeting.  First-- Greg McNamara spoke about the need for Eastview members to donate to the Rotary Foundation.  A number of clubs in District 5550, including Eastview, have not reached the annual goal of $50/member and therefore do not qualify for District Grants.  We need to raise $650 CDN to reach the goal.  We are currently at about $40 per member.  Greg urged members to consider a donation to the Foundation before the end of March.  Second speaker was former Eastview Inbound Exchange student, Runa Yamaguchi from Japan, visiting with Jack Wozniak and family.  

Former Eastview Inbound student, Runa Yamaguchi from Japan
Runa was welcomed by everyone.  It was good to see her.  Since her return home to Japan, she has completed Grade 12 and first year university in International Studies.  She is learning Spanish and Korean languages, and has obtained her brown belt in kempo.  She works two jobs--serving in a restaurant, and at a fitness gym.  She is already an accomplished young woman--we will see and hear of Runa again in the future.  Welcome back, Runa
Toshi and Linda Shimmura
It was a privilege to welcome Toshi as a new member to Eastview.  Toshi was sponsored by long time friend, Ron Okumura.  Toshi was born in Japan.  He met Linda, from Regina, who was teaching English in Japan.  They married and moved to Regina in 1977.  Toshi is very accomplished in many areas.  He is an entrepreneur and trained in visual arts and design.  He worked for Eatons for a number of years and then at Ipsco retiring from there in 2019.  He has been very active in the Regina community for many years as a Judo instructor, a restaurant owner, co-founder of the Regina-Fujioka Student  Exchange program and ultimately engineered the formation of a 'Friendship City' agreement with Regina.  How fortunate we are to have Toshi and Linda at Eastview.  Following induction by Laurel Mattison, members all welcomed Toshi.
In honor of visiting Runa from Japan and our new member, also from Japan, President Jack offered the following quote: "He who runs after two hares will catch neither." A Japanese proverb.
Toshi Shimmura and long time friend & sponsor,
Ron Okumura
  • It was good to see member Helen Till, back briefly from her southern vacation.  She will return to Regina in April.  
  • Allen Hillsden acted as Sergeant.  He forgave President Jack for forgetting the 50/50 as the  Manitoba team is leading in the Scotties at this point.  Two tables were fined for having all males at their table and to be fair, all women were fined who were not wearing their Rotary name tags.  Ron had happy bucks and thanks to everyone for a successful Gala.  Jack was happy to have daughter Sara and 'daughter' Runa at the meeting.
  • 50/50-Leif had the lucky number but not the lucky green marble.  $28 was raised.  
  • We celebrated Laurel Mattison's February birthday.  
  • We will see everyone next week.  Hope it is a good one for you.
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Philosopher's Corner

"Criticism is easy.  Achievement is difficult." by Winston Churchill.  Provided by Allen Hillsden.                                   

Today's guests

Toshi & Linda Shimmura
Runa Yamaguchi
Sara Wozniak
Memory McLeod
Isaiah Mattison
Oluwaseun Laleye  
Grace Hillsden
Rotarian Doug Keam from the Rotary Club of Regina

Next Meeting Responsibilities

Registration:  Allen Hillsden
50/50: Greg McNamara
Greeter: Takayoshi Ono
C4C: Feb. 28-Ron Okumura, Peter Peters, Doug Mortin
Feb 20, 2020 12:00 PM
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