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  • June 2, 2022 - Guest Speaker, Wendy Sinclair, Indigenous Services Advisor, Regina Public Library, hope you can ZOOM in;
  • June 17th Changeover meeting - another in-person event which will be held at the Royal Regina Golf Course - more information coming.
  • July 8th - 14th Annual Lyle Piett Memorial Golf Tournament;
  • Key item for all members - Prizes, golfers and sponsors are needed for the Golf Tournament -  PLEASE, help if you can by contacting Allen Hillsden or John Van Koll;
  • RC of Regina holds hybrid meetings at the Delta Hotel on Monday - join in person or virtually - to confirm meeting date go to: htpps://


    In the Absence of President Pat Dell, Eastview's Vice President, Richard Schwan, was in charge of our Rotary Club's gathering. Acting President Richard surprized us when he introduced President Elect Jeff Barber as today's Guest Speaker - and that was the introduction.
    PE Jeff used power point slides to introduce us to "IMAGINE Rotary" in Rotary year 2022-2023 in Regina Eastview, and shared thoughts for how the "world" might unfold. Using the Object of Rotary, and specifically, the first and third points in this statement; First - The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service; and, Third - The Application of the ideal of service in each Rotarians personal, business and community life; Jeff Barber paved a path for how Eastview could use this Theme to transition out of  COVID and its isolation, into an ever stronger commitment to membership at the Club, District and International levels.
    Jeff referred to the recent District survey which re-enforced the importance of fellowship and acquaintanceship. These remain critical while being sensitive to inclusion, and responsive to the diverse needs of our membership. In-person meetings can better involve members in meeting activities. Currently there are members who are over involved and some under involved and effort will be made to distribute the identified tasks in a more equitable fashion, e.g. Club Administration, Public Relations, Fundraising, meeting leadership, meeting roles, etc. The desire is to see more members involved in doing routine things in the Club. Jeff also indicated this work it will be important to refocus on the Strategic Plan of 2020-2021, and ensure our steps forward align with this Plan.
    Jeff provide a brief overview of a 4-week meeting cycle. This could include 2-3 speakers (these being balanced between "business" and "community" focus; there would be one Business/Fellowship meeting (major focus on fellowship); additional fellowship meetings on the 5th Thursday of a month (in 2022-23 - September, March & June). As we move out of COVID, we could start with a monthly mix of 1/2 in-person and 1/2 via ZOOM. Meeting location will have to be determined once we decide it is safe to "come out".
    In concluding his presentation, President Elect Jeff, encourage members to drop him a line if there is a specific thing in which you would like to become involved - share your interest and be part of making our great Club an outstanding place of fellowship, fun and service.
Thank you Jeff Barber for painting an "IMAGINE" image for us.
Below is a file photo reminding us of "yesterday", and the potential of "tomorrow"!
Leo Ell Assists Jeff Barber Welcome Members to Regina Eastview (Nov. 2019)
The following article overview appears on the MY ROTARY this week. For the expanded story please click on the blue highlight below. PHP
Rotary members in Ukraine are distributing supplies from other countries, organizing long-term aid, and helping their neighbors settle back into their homes – despite being affected by the war themselves. Ukraine District 2232 has received four disaster response grants of $50,000 each from The Rotary Foundation, which together will fund nearly 50 relief projects across Ukraine. Read more about their efforts in the face of adversity and learn how Rotary is responding to the war in Ukraine.
Ukrainian Clubs Rise To The Challenge
  • Margaret spoke to Donelda Krause this afternoon and learned that Clarence is being discharged home tomorrow;
  • Gail Bradley is home after a 9 day hospital stay - hope you feel better each day, Gail;
  • A Happy 84th Birthday wish to Gary Carlson who is celebrating this event on May 28th - may it be a splendid celebration, Gary;
  • We were pleased today to learn Rotarian Val Wiks, a member of the RC of Industrial Parks, will take on the Assistant Governor role on July 1st - WELCOME, Val, we look forward to your guiding leadership;
  • At the Club's April 28th Social Evening Event Sam Berg was recognized by The Rotary Foundation and Regina Eastview for the Berg's ongoing support of the Foundation. Sam is a Paul Harris Fellow +2 Awardee - his pin features two (2) Sapphire stones. Congratulations, Sam
President Pat with Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, Sam Berg
  • Vice President Richard Schwan did a fine job of filling the meeting's Moderator role in President Pat Dell's absence - a quality demonstration of male multitasking ;
  • In this "role", Richard called the meeting to Order at 12:05, shared this year's RI "Motto" (which is not a "motto", but the "2021-2022 RI Theme"), invited the reading of "The Land Acknowledgement", and called on himself to be the Sergeant;
  • In the latter role, he invited sharing’s about exciting happenings during the Victoria Day long weekend - there was a long, long pause, before finally being broken by Doug Mortin's raised hand, to say on Victoria Day, he and friends went out for their first motorcycle ride of the season;
  • Sensing the gathering did not experience excitement on the weekend, Sergeant Richard called for Happy Dollars - this request was met with slightly more enthusiasm as Allen Hillsden is going to Winnipeg on June 8th for his Grandson's Convocation from the U of M in Mechanical Engineering, a 2-3 hour pride-filled, patience testing experience;
  • Charles Sadzamare, told us his nine year old Granddaughter was a STAR in badminton competition;
  • Appreciated leadership, Thank you, Richard;
  • Have a great safe spring weekend everyone - see you next week.
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Philosopher's Corner

“Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”
                           Princess Diana

Today's guests

We were most pleased to welcome Assistant Governor (AG) Carole Bryant to our Meeting. Carole informed us that her time  as AG is coming to an end on June 30th. Carole, we have appreciated your consistent encouragement and oversight of Regina Eastview's activities and hope you continue to visit our Club.

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