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  • May 5, our Club Meeting Guest will be Justin LaBrash, "a sixth generation Saskatchewan farmer", and, "Award winning Canadian country recording artist" - all wrapped up in one person;
  • May 5 - 6:00 P.M. Day 1 District Conference 2022 via ZOOM  check it out at:
  • May 12th Jennie Bryant with Early Childhood Intervention Program;
  • May 12 6:30 P.M. Day 2 of District Conference 2022 via ZOOM  check it out at:;
  • Mid June 2022 we are back to the Royal Regina Golf Course for the Club's Change-over meeting - information so available;
  • July 8, Lyle Piett Memorial Golf Tournament at the Tor Hill Golf Course - get John Van Koll's information to your friends, relatives & neighbours.



    On this Thursday evening, Members and Guests of Regina Eastview sacrificed our regular noon ZOOM meeting and gathered at the Royal Regina Golf Course for an in-person meeting. This was our first social event of 2022 and it felt "so good" as we talked to one another - it is hard to imagine, but I believe there were times when more than on conversation was carried at the same table and occasionally inter-table conversations erupted - it was beautiful to behold!
    President Pat welcomed us to the Royal Regina Facility called us to order, reminded us of President Mehta's Theme for the Year and invited Secretary Allen Hillsden to lead us in O Canada. I realize it was only in my mind but our a cappella rendering of our National Anthem was as beautifully presented as if shared by the "4 Tenors" in Carnegie Hall. "Our home and native land", is truly a good place.
    For the first time in a public setting, Peter Peters was called on for Regina Eastview's Land Acknowledgement statement which he followed by a Rotary Grace.
President Pat then took a moment to introduce Regina Eastview Board members, during which it was noted that Treasurer Shannon has worked so far this Rotary year without her Treasurer pin, an oversight that was corrected during the Program.
    This set in place, a wonderful meal served by the Royal Regina staff to the 41 people who ate and chatted like we did in days "so long ago". Once we had the good fortune of consuming the crepe wrapped ice cream dessert, President Pat got the Program of Recognition and Celebration underway.
    John Van Koll, Director of Membership, identified members who were being recognized for achieving milestones in their years of Service through Rotary. This included the following, who were presented with their respective pins:
Charles Sadzamare – 10 years, Jean Marc Nadeau – 10 years, Greg McNamara – 25 years. In addition the following members were recognized for their years of service but were unable to attend: Richard Schwan – 10 years; Lyle Gollnick - 20 years; Barry Strohan - 35 years; Ralph Goodale - 35 years; and, Leo Ell - 50 years, for a grand total of 195 years. Congratulations to all. An offer was received to deliver this recognition pin to Ralph Goodale in London - there was clearly less enthusiasm to deliver pins to recipients living in Regina.
    In preparation for honouring Club members who were receiving Paul Harris Fellow recognition, Peter Peters on behalf of Gail Bradley, Club Rotary Foundation Chair, shared information on The Rotary Foundation's what becoming a Paul Harris Fellow means. In his comments, Peter explained that Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges, "Individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 (US) to The Rotary Foundation." He explained that a, "World of peace and good will is closer today as 5 of our Rotarians, either become a first time Paul Harris Fellow, or if having become a PHF in the past, are now becoming a Multiple PHF. Each of their gifts to The Rotary Foundation's educational and humanitarian programs is a commitment to peace and to a better life for people around the world whom these Club Heroes may never meet. This is a truly selfless action."
    On behalf of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, Peter invited President Pat, to present to Jean Marc Nadeau, Ron Okumura and Sam Berg the two emblems of appreciation given to a Paul Harris Fellow - a certificate, and pin. Pat then presented:
  • Jean-Marc Nadeau with his initial Paul Harris Fellow;
  • Ron Okumura with his Paul Harris +2 and +3 recognition; and,
  • Sam Berg with Paul Harris +2 recognition
    In presenting these awards, President Pat thanked and congratulated each honouree for their commitment to the programs of The Rotary Foundation.
Sherry McKinnon Receives Community Paul Harris Award
    Peter was then asked to introduce  a concluding Paul Harris Fellow Awardee, Sherry McKinnon. In his introduction, Peter suggested that Rotarians often designate Paul Harris Fellow recognition as a tribute to a person whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objectives of Rotary. Similarly the Rotary Club accumulates Foundation points for contributions it makes to the Foundation, which they encourage Clubs to use in recognizing leaders in the community who reflect Rotary ideals in all they do. Today Regina Eastview has the honor and pleasure of recognizing Sherry McKinnon and presenting her with a Community Paul Harris Fellow Award.  We do this because Sherry McKinnon personifies Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self and the guiding dictates of the Four-Way Test. It is reflected in her 20 year commitment to our Club’s Community Service and Fund Raising activities. Sherry's stepping away from Rotary at the end of June of 2021, with a view of her retiring to Nova Scotia, this is deemed a fine way for Regina Eastview to say:
"Thank You, Sherry McKinnon".
Past Pres Jean-Marc becomes a Paul Harris Fellow
President Pat had the good fortune to presenting Regina Eastview's immediate Past President, Jean-Marc Nadeau, with his initial Paul Harris Fellow. We are honoured to have you in our Club, Jean-Marc.
The Family of Rotary
At a future auspicious event Rotary Foundation recognition will be heaped upon President Elect Jeff Barber for his Paul Harris Fellow +6 achievement; and, Vice President Richard Schwan for achieving Paul Harris Fellow +5 status with The Rotary Foundation. The combined contributions of these 5 members of Regina Eastview totals $21,000.00 A BIG tip of the hat the Nadeau, Okumura, Berg, Barber and Schwan families for "Making a Difference".
Greg McNamara recognized for
25  Years of  Rotary Service.
  • President Pat declared a, "NO FINE DAY", but rather an invitation for happy dollar stories or expressions;
  • Allen Hillsden was pumped to tell us that his Granddaughter’s CHEER TEAM won The WORLDS CHEER Competition in Orlando, Florida, last week - many saw some of the display on National Television NEWS - Congratulations to Allen, his Granddaughter and the entire team;
  •  Laurel Mattison was delighted to tell us that she has a new granddaughter, Eislyn Grace;
  • Sam Berg rose to tell us that last weekend was graduation at Caronport, and with it his retirement from the Seminary - seems there were accolades and praise heaped on our humble colleague to the extent it frightened his wife Erika;
  • Charles Sadzamare was pleased to introduce us to his friend Trevor who was his guest at our social;
  • Shreedhar Jachak was delighted to tell us that he and Shashikala were able to visit and celebrate their families addition of 2 Great Grandchildren;
  • Peter Peters advised that he and Margaret were off to Warman on Saturday for their great grandson's first birthday - more could be said but there was not enough room;
  • Wishing everyone a wonderful spring like week.
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Philosopher's Corner

"I have no hesitation in saying that world peace could be achieved and made permanent if reared on Rotary's firm foumdation of friendliness, tolerance, and usefulness."
                          Paul Harris

Today's guests

There were a number of guests and it was wonderful to have you join us in our "stepping out" experiment - you helped make it a fine social evening.

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