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  • Bob Durston, Rotary Club of Neepawa, announced that the Military sponsored a tribute in the Brandon Sun to the Russell Inn, Russell Manitoba, and  to Rheanne Gray, an Executive with the Inn.  This was in recognition of the Inn's staff support of the Military's training projects over the years.  Rotary clubs in the District have also experienced wonderful service from Rheanne, and staff of the Inn for their support of District programs.  Congratulations Rheanne and Inn staff for this well-deserved tribute.
  • Next week our speaker will be Ramesh Ferris, a polio survivor and President Elect of the Rotary Club of Whitehorse, YT.  Don't miss this inspirational story.


President-Elect Pat Dell chaired today's meeting, assisted by Jeff Barber, and thank you's from everyone were on the agenda for those members who organized the virtual Valentine Gala.  More on this later.  The Board meeting report from the Directors is as follows: Membership--New member, Vic Weibe was inducted last week, and this week former member, Ted Kent was inducted.  Welcome back Ted.  The Nominating Committee reports that 3 Directors will be required for Board positions in the New Rotary Year--Membership, Rotary Foundation and Vice President.  If you are interested in serving on one of these positions on the Board next year, please contact Pat Dell or John Van Koll for more information.  Treasurer's Report--it has been an outstanding year in spite of COVID-19.  Club Administration--please help Cory by suggesting potential speakers to him for program planning.  Your suggestions will be appreciated. Rotary Foundation--Peter Peters reported that in this Rotary year members and the club donated $2830 US to Polio Plus, and in addition $2234 has been donated to the Annual Program Fund (APF).  To be eligible for District and Global Grants, the per capita donation must be $50 by the end of March.  We are currently at $46.54 per capita.  Last year the per capita donation to the APF was $126, an all time high.  Last year nearly $20,000 in grants returned to Eastview for projects. If you wish to make a donation please make a cheque out to "The Rotary Foundation Canada" and notify Peter Peters and he will pick it up. Fundraising--Charles reported that the committee had the bottle drive.  The Valentine Virtual Gala is completed.  New projects are being discussed.  International Services-Peter Peters reported that the walls are going up on a new school in Guatemala.  $15,000 will be contributed from our club to the total cost of $45,000.  The committee is looking at another computer project in Guatemala.  Youth Services--Ann Grahame reported that two students (a brother and sister) and their counsellor from Harvest City Christian School, will be attending the virtual MUNA project, organized by the Rotary Club of Winnipeg, in May. Grade 12 student, Kate Dederick, will be attending the Virtual Adventures in Citizenship program in Ottawa also in May..  Ann will be attending the virtual North American Youth Exchange Network (NAYEN) conference this weekend.
Progress on the Guatemala School as of Feb 8, 2021
Allen Hillsden, on behalf of the Membership Committee, 'brought Ted Kent to the virtual podium' for his induction into our club.  Ted is a former member and we are delighted to welcome you back Ted.  Congratulations.
Allen carried out another task as auctioneer of two more items donated to the Valentine Gala.  The first, an SPA pedicure basket donated by the Delta Hotel at a value of $70.  $50 from Gary Carlson made him the winner--a gift for wife Jessie--the romance continues at the Carlson's!   Peter Peters was the successful winner at $60 for the Kellogg's basket.  Snack time at the Peters' household!  Many thanks to Allen Hillsden for collecting prizes--phone calls, pick ups, deliveries--Allen does it all!  
Members enjoyed their meals with all of the Valentine                                               trimmings.
The Family of Rotary
  • Members reported that they enjoyed their meals at home with their spouse and some with their families.  It was different, it was fun and it enabled Eastview to keep doing what it does best--supporting projects in the community and abroad--the Rotary way.
  • As well as Chair today, Pat was also Sergeant.  Virtual Rotobucks were dispensed to all of the drivers who delivered meals:Doug M., Richard, Peter N., Peter P., Jeff, Pat D., Agbor, Cory, Sherry, Toshi, Doreen's son, JM and Partner,and John.  Thank you and apologies if we have missed anyone.  You too, are extended thanks.
  • Bouquets of thank you's were extended by members to Peter N. and Doreen for first--the idea, then creation of the website which was a delight to use.  Further thanks for organizing the dinner and working at the restaurant the two nights and everything else they did to make this such a successful event.  
  • Further thanks to Jeanne Martinson and Pat Dell for organizing the silent auction--for picking up items, arranging on the website, taking payments, delivering items. Thank you.
  • Many thanks to the sponsors who willingly stepped up again this year.  Special thanks to Richard Schwan and Affinity Credit Unit for their generous support.
  • Many thanks to the Rotisserie.  Many people purchased meals who may not have come to the in-person event.  We hope these people will continue to support the Rotisserie.  The food was good, on time and appreciated by all.
  • Thank you to Mitch Zaba from the Regina Rotary Clubs PR committee for promotion of the Gala.   
  • Lastly, thank you to the members, their friends and acquaintances who supported the event through purchase of meals, donations to the silent auction, sponsorships and the 50/50.
  • The silent auction raised nearly $3800, the 50/50--$4730--half going to a person who purchased a ticket going into the restaurant to pick up his dinner--and about $16,500 in sponsorships.  270 meals were sold..
  • Thanks to all--Eastview projects will continue.
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Philosopher's Corner

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."
                                   Dr. Seuss

Today's guests

We were fortunate to have in our midst today:
Jessie Carlson, guest of Gary; 
Bob Durston, R.C. of Neepawa
For 10 minutes--Ted Kent, until he became a member--see highlights.

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