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  • June 9 our Guest Speaker is Andrea Boussard - Options Pregnancy Center
  • Jun 9, 2022 at 6:30 PM CST (SK), join District Governor Elect, Fred Wright and Rotarians across D 5550 on the District Talk Show titled “Imagine Rotary”;
  • June 17 Club Changeover Meeting at the Royal Regina Golf Course - 5:30 P.M. Cocktails; 6:00 P.M. Dinner - Details to be circulated shortly;
  • July 8th Annual Lyle Piett Memorial Golf Tournament;
  • Key item for all members - Prizes, golfers and sponsors are needed for the Tournament;
  • Contact Allen Hillsden or John Van Koll if you can help;
  • July 9 Ripple Effect Ride with PDGs Peter Neufeldt and Doug Mortin - they would love to have you join them "in some way";
  • A Quiet Reminder to use your "mute" button when on ZOOM -  thank you.

         REGINA PUBLIC LIBRARY WITH                         WENDY SINCLAIR!

    President Pat Dell took on the important task of introducing our Guest Speaker. Our guest, Wendy Sinclair has worked for the Regina Public Library for the past 36 years.  She was the former Albert Branch Head and has recently taken on the role as the Indigenous Services Advisor at RPL.  She will be working together with community partners to develop an Indigenous services strategy that encompasses the Principles of Reconciliation and responds to the Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action.  
    Wendy Sinclair's history at the at the former Albert Branch provided us with an enlightened appreciation of what it means to have access to books and the role a library serves in meeting that need. Was her visit to our Club just "by chance" that it coincided with the Sergeant's invitation for members to share how this year's Rotary International Theme, Serve to Change Lives, has been demonstrated by our Club? Is it "by chance", that your sharing was immediately followed by sincere thanks from Wendy Sinclair on behalf of the Regina Public Library for our Club's valued contribution to their critical work in our community?
    From her years of work and experience within Regina's Library system Wendy, touched on the literacy challenges in the North Central Community area and the positive impact stocked community library shelves have, in addressing the needs that exist. Her stark observation that, "Parents want to see their children read!” as much as, "Children want to see their parents read!” was a new understanding and appreciation of literacy in Regina.
    Wendy reminded us how much children appreciate being able to take books home "as their own”. In response to a question about how the Library measures success, she indicated, "when we hear the books are gone, or when we get requests for books on a specific subject". Wendy also noted that while "electronic book reading" has a following, the majority of people like to physically hold the book they are reading.
    It was wonderful to have Wendy at our meeting, re-enforcing the important role Regina Eastview plays in supporting the Regina Public Library in fulfilling its responsibility to this community. 
Thank you, Wendy Sinclair!
Thank you Regina Eastview for making book shelves available and assisting in keeping them stocked!
Rotary Projects Around the Globe

June 2022

by Brad Webber

Canadian Rotarians Ensure PEI Potatoes are enjoyed
When Canada suspended the export of potatoes to the United States from Prince Edward Island because of a fungus found in two fields, Rotarians in Ontario rallied to help farmers offset their losses. Dozens of clubs coordinated the purchase, transport, and distribution of the still-edible crops to food banks. The Rotary Club of Bracebridge began the effort, tapping local government connections to arrange for a provincial grant of about US$9,000 to cover the acquisition and transport of 4,000 10-pound bags of potatoes from one of the growers. On 19 February, members of five area Rotary clubs and one Rotaract club gathered in a warehouse to offload the spuds, sort the bags, and deliver them to 14 food pantries. Some 800 miles away, at his family farm near Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Rick Sanderson marvels at the thoughtfulness of those who worked him to salvage a portion of his harvest. “I just really appreciate Rotary helping us out here in the time of need,” Sanderson says.
Read about other Projects around the World at:
The Family of Rotary
  • This Family of Rotary is remarkable - Pall Agarwal connected to Regina Eastview because PRID Bryn Styles from Barry, Ontario, is RI President Shekhar Mehta, Vice President, and Pall's father happens to be a member and Past President of President Shekhar's home Club in India - it is a small world - made smaller by Ann Grahame's effort;
  • It was great to have Clarence Krause and Gail Bradley back at the meeting after their respective testing of health facilities in Regina;
  • It is noted that Clarence's "testing" was measured in months, while Gail's was counted in days - Clarence and Gail, just so you know there is no prize awarded for being the longest, or the shortest - the prize is ours in having you back.
2022-2023 RI Theme
  • The 5 visitors at today's meeting shot the number of participants up to 28 persons - always nice when the screen is full;
  • Following President Pat's formal welcome, her philosophical observation, a reminder of Rotary's current Theme and Peter Peters Land  Acknowledgement expression, she invited Peter to fill in for the absent Sergeant Richard Schwan;
  • Peter chose to follow Sergeant Richard's educational focus by noting the difference between Rotary's Motto and the Annual Theme;
  • Doug Mortin, reminded us that our Motto is Service Above Self, and President Pat was clear on our Theme be Serve to Change Lives which was the Theme selected by RI President Shekhar Mehta for 2021-2022;
  • Rotary's selected Motto has a history that goes back to the Rotary International Convention in 1911, whereas, Rotary's annual Themes are identified by the individual President. This came into play in 1957-58 when RI President Charles G. Tennent (Asheville, North Carolina) chose, Enlist-Extend-Explore-Serve, as the Theme - and so it began...;
  • For a $2.00 contribution to the Club's Treasury, Peter then invited members to share their impression how the RC of Regina Eastview has demonstrated this year’s Theme of Serve to Change Lives;
  • Thank you all for sharing your impression of Regina Eastview, "doing good in the world" here at home and around the world;
  • You make me proud to be part of Rotary and of this Club;
  • Have a great week everyone.
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Philosopher's Corner

“Quit being so hard on yourself. We are what we are; we love what we love. We don't need to justify it to anyone... not even to ourselves.”
              Scott Lynch, The Republic of Thieves

Today's guests

Highlight visitor day with Guest Speaker Wendy Sinclair, Regina Public Library, and Pall Agarwal, a student arriving at the U of R from Calcutta, India at our Club. In addition we appreciated being joined by Rotarians Bob Durston (Neepawa) and Carole Bryant and Doug Keam (Regina). Thank you for making this a delightful Rotary gathering.

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