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  • The 2022 District 550 Conference will again be a virtual presentation hosted by the R. C. of Winnipeg West on May 13-15, 2022.
  • President Pat is asking for volunteers to assist in organizing a Christmas celebration.  Please let Pat know if you can assist.
  • Ham delivery time is approaching.  Please see the recent email from John Van Koll.  He too needs volunteers to help with packing & delivering..
  • Our speaker next week is Tanyss Munro from the Amarok Society. 
  • Board members remember there is a virtual Board meeting, Thursday, December 9 at 5-15 PM.


President Pat introduced Leroy Berndt, our guest speaker for today.  
Leroy Berndt grew up in South Africa. He graduated with a Master’s Degree is Psychology from the  University of Johannesburg. He worked in the National Defence Force as a Psychologist before joining the South African Transport Services where he fulfilled several roles including Training and Development Consultant and Management Development Consultant.  
In the 1990’s Leroy spent years in the private education sector before starting and running a private psychology practice with a focus on Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Trauma. Time was also spent working for the national airline which included being part of a team selecting airline pilots.
In November 2008, Leroy left South Africa to join a not-for-profit organization in Winnipeg working as a Behavioral Consultant. During the years in Winnipeg, he developed a special interest in FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), attending FASD training in Portland, Oregon and at several international conferences in Canada.
In February 2018, he moved to Regina and joined the Regina branch of Canadian Mental Health Association as Executive Director.  
Leroy's presentation today related to many issues we have heard about especially during the pandemic.  The National Association commissioned research at the start of the pandemic to study waves and other issues relative to mental health.
He noted that the beginning of COVID saw a significant deterioration in mental health status of the population..  People became anxious and fearful.  Many experienced sadness, depression and suicidal thoughts.  Some reacted to non-healthy strategies such as substance abuse with alcohol and drugs.  Other took to healthy measures such as increased exercise outside, connecting with family and friends on zoom and many other healthy lifestyles.  Parents faced challenges with students e-learning, small spaces, lack of computer knowledge, losing jobs, financial worries and a host of other issues.  
Leroy talked about a number of strategies to maintain mental health including: 1. Recognize your stress--there are things you can manage and things you can't. 2. Know your limits. 3. Self care--there are many measures: get enough sleep; maintain a routine and include exercise; maintain social connections on zoom with family; show gratitude; be of service to others, slow down and take stock of what went well.  Thank you Leroy for sharing your knowledge with us and providing tips we can all use in a pandemic or in normal times.
  • Allen Hillsden again had a friendly call from Ken Poon, former member of Eastview.  Ken lives in Vancouver and says it is raining but no damage in his area.  He sends his regards to all at Eastview.  Nice to hear from you Ken, and thanks for staying in touch.
  • Sam Berg will celebrate his birthday on December 7, also known as Pearl Harbour Day!  Happy Birthday Sam.
  • Jean-Marc Nadeau celebrates 10 years in Rotary this month.  Congratulations!
  • Our speaker today noted he spent many years in Winnipeg, Blue Bomber country, and now he is living in Rider territory.  Will he remain blue or turn to green?? Time will tell.  
See the Rotary International 2021 Annual Report at:
  • Peter Peters stepped in as Sergeant today at short notice.  His theme for today was what impressed you the most this past week. The following voiced their impressions:
  • Leo Ell heard special music on facebook
  • Peter Neufeldt had trouble with his computer and zoom this week.  He went to Best Buy and a staff member fixed it for him in a short time.  Peter was impressed with his kind friendly manner.
  • Ryan Van Gelder was impressed by his two year old son who found Mariah Carey's song amazing.
  • Vic Wiebe had a phone call from his son in B.C. where it is still raining and loud on his tin roof.
  • Pat Dell- was happy to assist a couple buying a house to whom she had to decline help 6 years ago.  She gave them a plan at that time, they followed it and now they are buying a house with gratitude to Pat.
  • Ann was happy to have received her booster.
  • Leo and Clarence both had good medical reports
  • Thank you Peter.  Well done.  
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Today's guests

Our guest today was speaker, Leroy Berndt

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