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  • Club Directors Meeting 5:15 this afternoon;
  • August 2 (4:30 to 10:00 A.M.) - Pancake Breakfast - Rotary Clubs of Regina - Eastviewians make your volunteer hour desires known to Jeff Barber;
  • NO August 3 Eastview ZOOM meeting in favor of the August 2nd Pancake Breakfast;
  • August 14 "In-Person" joint meeting with the RC of Regina who are the hosts - Speaker is Steven Lewis, renowned Health Policy Analyst;
  • August 29 - Rotary Peace Pole Dedication and Rotary Clubs of Regina Picnic In The Park.



    Today was a Delta Rotary day and Regina Eastview was hosting the joint in-person meeting we have with the RC of Regina 2 times a month. It is also the first joint meeting led by Eastview's President, Al Hoeft. He made us proud as he zipped attendees through the food line, ensured we were just about done when he called the meeting to order; shared our Land Acknowledgement and manoeuvered his way through important meeting preliminaries before he called on Peter Neufeldt to introduce our Guest Speaker Abuk Duang.
    Peter's Church Community, Grace Mennonite, led in the relocation of Abuk, her Mother and 4 siblings from a Refugee Camp in Kenya to Regina 3 years ago. Before coming to Canada, Abuk has spent her whole life in a refugee camp. Earlier this year she was selected by Regina Eastview to be our Club's representative to the Rotary Club of Ottawa's Adventures In Citizenship Program. This is a unique opportunity for, 200 young Canadians from across the nation -- from every province and territory -- to come together and explore the meaning and requirements of Citizenship in Canada. There are opportunities to meet with political leaders, in discussion among themselves they learn to appreciate the diversity of Canada and the privileges and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship. So it was that a 16 year old, 3 year resident of Regina, left home on her own for Canada's Capital.
    Abuk, was gracious in expressing her appreciation for this wonderful learning opportunity. Students were welcomed at the airport by members of the Ottawa Rotary Club for this fast paced and packed 3 day Adventure. In Day  1 they were introduced to some of Canada's history, contribution to World War efforts and the current strife in Ukraine, and what Canada is doing to support that country. They visited the War Museum and travelled to Gatineau in Quebec and were exposed to this side of Canadian culture. It was the first time she had tasted French food, but Abuk could not remember what it was called.
    On Day 2, they visited Parliament and learned how "rules" were made, and toured the House of Commons where important decisions were made. A number of speakers talked to the students about how Parliament works. On the evening of the 2nd day they had a Talent Show delivered by the students. She was not able to share her talent, which was to sing a song in Swahili. Although she could not share her talent in Ottawa, we were honored to have her sing for us.
    On Day 3, Abuk said they were treated to an Indigenous dance and learned about Indigenous people, their culture, history and challenges. They were able to tour museums more and had the opportunity to witness a Citizenship Ceremony where 60 people became citizens of Canada. Abuk saw how people from all over the world, some as refugees, were welcomed into this country Canada. She concluded her presentation by again thanking Peter Neufeldt and President Al Hoeft for choosing her to participate in this important and welcoming program.
    To conclude, Abuk responded to questions from members, with quiet ease and confidence.
Thank you, Abuk Duang, for making this a great Rotary Day!
Abuk Duang
The secrets to a successful Club
The August 2023 Rotary arrived in our mail box earlier this week and I was captured by the statement, or is it a question, at the bottom of the cover page.  From page 24 to 31 more insight is provided on this topic and it strikes me as something which a club, for example, our Club, might want to explore. At our meeting today, Jeff Barber and Al Hoeft, immediate past and current President respectively, were seen surveying the gathered group.
L to R - Jeff Barber & Al Hoeft
What could they possibly have in common, other than the challenge of keeping Eastviewians focused? Is it possible that they were wondering about, is the very point highlighted by Rotary?
The Family of Rotary
The family of Rotary has many branches, which makes for a wonderful multi-grafted tree. One of branches evidenced this past week was the Ripple Effect Rider Branch. Their 13th annual fund raising effort for the District 5550 Ripple Effect Program raised over $16,000.00 this year for a collective 13 year total of something in excess of $133,900.00.
This year's team, headed as usual by Doug Mortin on his Goldwing Bike, the "bike-less" Peter Neufeldt (wanting to again feel the wind in his hair), in a 2024 BMW convertible courtesy of Dilawri Preferred Sunnya & Hop, plus 6 authentic bikers from as far east as Sioux Lookout, North Western Ontario to Moose Jaw and places in between..
The benefactors are the children of Guatemala, their parents and communities where pride in education is the way of the future. Working with our Guatemalan Rotary Family, classrooms are built and refurbished, kitchens are built, water, washrooms, sanitation and hygiene challenges are addressed, computer installation realized and student and teacher scholarships provided.
You and the Ripple Effect Riders make this happen.
It is the Ripple Effect Family way!
Ripple Effect  "Driver" & "Riders" 2023
  • It was good to be at the Delta today where 18 members of Eastview were joined by Andre from Canmore and 9 members from the Regina Club;
  • Thanks to the 6 persons who ZOOMed in and I trust, appreciated your engaging conversation the program;
  • It is the sitting at tables with fellow Rotarians which becomes the prize (although the food contributes to the appreciated environment;
  • Allen Hillsden multi-tasked today, leading in our National Anthem and then serving as a well prepared Sergeant-At-Arms;
  • Allen had important questions, like what was the picture on the June 2022 issue of Rotary Canada - Attendees know, non-attenders will have to look it up - get the answer to me by 8:00 A.M. July 28, and I will pay your next $2.00 fine;
  • Sergeant Allen wanted to know
    • the RI Presidents Name; Gordon McInally
    • The President Country and City; Scotland
    • The President's 3 areas of focus
      • Mental Health
      • Peace Building
      • Empowering Girls
    • District 5550 District Governor - Sonja Susut, RC of Moose Jaw Wakamow;
  • Thank you Allen Hillsden,  not a bad "fund raiser";
  • Speaking of Fund Raisers, a 'tip of the hat' to PDGs Doug Mortin and Peter Neufeldt for their commitment to the Children of Guatemala - your donations make the BIKERS smile as you supported their "loved" recreation;
  • Remember, Wednesday is Pancake Breakfast Day and our Rotary meeting for the week, if you are unable to volunteer, please make it a point of coming out to Gaebel's Brew House Parking lot, purchasing breakfast ticket and appreciating Rotary fellowship in the morning;
  • Have a safe summer week.
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Philosopher's Corner

"Do all the good you can,
in all the means you can,
in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,
at all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as along as ever you can."
                                  John Wesley

Today's guests

We were delighted to have join us at this joint "in-person" meeting with the RC of Regina, Andre Giannandrea from the Rotary Club of Canmore, Canmore, Alberta (D 5360)

Next Meeting Responsibilities

Host: Hans Gaastra
Moderator: President
                Al Hoeft
Jul 27, 2023 12:00 PM
Adventures in Citizenship
Aug 03, 2023 12:00 PM
Aug 10, 2023 12:00 PM
[Past Pres BBQ may be around this time]
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Andre Giannandrea,
RC of Canmore, our appreciated Visiting Rotarian
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