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  • Plenty of news today at Eastview: Jean-Marc Nadeau will become President of our Club this coming year (in two weeks) switching with Jeff Barber who will take the leadership role in 3 years.
  • Pat and Jenna have designed a Dinner Club for small groups of Eastview Rotarians to get together. Details and a sign-up sheet are on the website main 

PDG Doug Vincent--Rotary and the UN

Doug Vincent joined Eastview today to speak about his experience as Rotary Representative to the United Nations.  PDG Doug Mortin introduced our guest who is a charter member and Past President of the Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club (Canada) and served as District Governor in 2005-2006 of District 7080.  He was a 'classmate' of Doug Mortin.  Guest Doug has 31 years of perfect Rotary club attendance.  He has been presented with a number of awards including an R.I. Presidential Citation, a Service Above Self Award, a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal and more.  He spoke about the importance of the Power-of-One and noted that most Rotary projects began as an idea of one Rotarian.  He sees the Rotary organization as an inverted pyramid with the Rotary membership at the top and the projects below.  The association with the UN started in 1945 with 49 Rotarians in a charter meeting.  The UN wanted Rotary involved as Rotarians were well known for their efforts in establishing world peace and understanding.  The UN encourages Rotary to continue their efforts in public awareness, to strengthen and scale up their successful programs, to build more capacity with literacy and education, to promote tolerance and respect and to demand accountability (of governments and service providers).
PDG Doug Vincent, Rotary representative to the UN
The UN's sustainable development goals resemble Rotary's areas of focus and the UN has received input from Rotary.  We can engage at the local level through MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly), the Rotary Youth Exchange program and by networking with local affiliates.  We can use our Rotary tool box-scholarships, the Rotary Foundation, the Exchange program and UN/Rotary friends. He further demonstrated the 'magic' of matching grants. A wonderful presentation--thank you for bringing it to us at Eastview.
PDG Doug Vincent
  • Sgt. Pat Dell asked for happy bucks--Pat and Jenna announced the supper club mentioned above & on the website;
  • Gary and Jessie Carlson were happy to announce their oldest granddaughter graduated from UBC with a degree in International Studies and International Development; 
  • Ann Grahame had a successful eye appointment;
  • Doreen Pankewich would like to have receipts in for expenses before the end of June and is preparing invoices for annual fees--it is that time of year;
  • Peter Peters was happy to finally have PDG Doug Vincent speak to Eastview and also noted that on July 25 & 26, Peters' Pedalers Plus, with new addition, Sam Berg, will participate in the MS Society Canada "virtual" bike tour (due to COVID-19);
  • Jenna is excited to be in a new fitness program; 
  • Shreedhar celebrated his birthday on June 8.  Belated greetings, Shreedhar.
  •         AND
  • Allen Hillsden advises that Director/Board pins that are no longer needed can be returned to him for re-use.  Allen will pick them up if you give him a call.
Incoming President Jean-Marc Nadeau
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Philosopher's Corner

"If you have no peace at all, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."
                           Mother Teresa

Today's guests

Visiting Rotarians today were: Bob Durston, R.C of Neepawa, Doug Keam and Charles Keple, R.C. of Regina, Janet Haas, R.C. of Livonia (near Detroit) who met Jack at the Hamburg Conference last year; Lorna King, R.C. of Oskaya; PDG Doug Vincent and also Jessie Carlson, guest of Gary.  It was good to have all of you with us.
Jun 18, 2020 12:00 PM
The Rotary-United Nations Partnership
Jun 25, 2020 12:00 PM
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