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  • Remember District Conference, May 21-24, Kenora, ON, see information on the District Website at:;
  • Annual Lyle Piett Memorial Golf Tournament July 3, 2020, Tor Hill Golf Course - Funds raised for a Community Service project. John Van Koll plans for a clear sunshiny day with a gentle breeze from the north - "Bigger and Better" is the word;
  • Directors were reminded that the Board meets next Thursday;
  • International Service Projects Committee meeting next Thursday, March 12 at 11:00 A.M. at the Delta.


Acting President, John Van Koll introduced our Guest Speaker, who was Regina Eastview Rotarian, Kevin Hayes. Kevin is with the Phoenix Group in Regina and on LinkedIn is listed as a "Transformational Executive, Strategic Thinker and Exceptional Executor, Motivational Leader, Digital Nerd". Today Kevin's presentation on the topic DATA FOR GOOD, helped us appreciate the fitting nature of his LinkedIn describer. As the Regina Chapter Lead of the International DATA FOR GOOD, Kevin is part of this, "...collective of do gooders, who want to use their powers for good, and not evil, to help make our communities better through data." He introduced the importance of collecting and analyzing data and using the result to provide direction. As an example, Kevin asked by show of hands, how many of us knew that during full moon nights, weird things occur in the human psyche to the extent staff and volunteers avoid working such shifts - shucks we all know that and have examples to prove it beyond doubt. Well, DATA FOR GOOD, having collected and analyzed DATA now show this is a myth. “We can put a myth to rest, no correlation was found between full moons and the number of calls or the severity of calls. So there is no reason for staff or volunteers to avoid these shifts. They are no more demanding than any other day.” What to do with my health career load of instances which "clearly demonstrated" this full moon behaviour?
There are three components to DATA FOR GOOD structure; i) Meetups, a once a month group meeting, where they talk about how their organizations use data in their successful ventures; ii) Data Ambassadors, who work on projects with selected "clients" (editor's describer); and, iii) Data Thons, where data gurus use, "their creative and data science skills to build, test and explore solutions". These unique specialists help other not for profit, and non-governmental, organizations use the power of their data to make more informed and better decisions in their, "quest to make their communities flourish".
Guest Speaker Kevin Hayes
The aim of DATA FOR GOOD is to unlock insights which could be built into client’s data assets, which might support the client’s strategic planning activities and improve their operational efficiency. Many non-profit organizations accumulate data from, "a variety of sources during the normal course of operations, including details on funding, campaigns, resource allocation and the clients they serve." All the information and data a client has gathered can support the organization’s strategic decision making process, which is a client’s key and hoped for outcome.
The gathering of in-house data can be combined with external data from, "open sources such as census and economic data from government repositories like Statistics Canada". 
An important learning from Kevin's presentation is that, "Data does not care about feelings!", and therefore organizations must be prepared to adjust their response to the story as "told by the data".
A 'tip of the hat' to volunteers like Kevin Hayes and his colleagues, who are committed to making an impact through data in Regina.
Oluwaseun (Shawn) Laleye and Membership Director Laurel Mattison
A meeting of highlights today as we witnessed the induction of Oluwaseun (Shawn) Laleye into Regina Eastview. Shawn is a membership lead who came to our Club via Rotary International. He came to Canada 2 years ago from Nigeria. Shawn has a "Rotary history", as his late father was a Rotarian and he has two uncles who are Rotarians.
Welcome to Regina and specifically to the RC of Regina Eastview, Shawn.
The Family of Rotary
  • We were saddened to learn of the passing of Beth Smith. Beth's husband Allan, who passed away last year, joined Rotary in 1970 and together they were an integral part of Regina Eastview. From information Gail Bradley gleaned from the family, a memorial service will be held for Beth later this year. Please keep the Smith's 4 daughters and their families in your thoughts.
Allen Hillsden
and Acting President John Van Koll
  • Yet another highlight - Allen Hillsden was presented with a special pin to recognize his 40 years of service through Rotary - Allen, we are honored to work with you as part of the Regina Eastview community;
  • By my count we have gained 5 new Rotarians this Rotary year and received one resignation - keep up the good work Eastviewians;
  • Charles Sadzamare would have won the 50/50 draw, if he had selected the right colored marble - one good thing about the draw was that $19.00 was added to the pot;
  • Hope to see you all next Thursday!
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Philosopher's Corner

"It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than one can see."
                        Winston Churchill

Today's guests

Today we welcomed Oluwaseun (Shawn) Laleye, who arrived as a Visitor and during the course of the meeting became a Member; and, Sean Gross, a guest of Doug Archer.

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