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  • President Jean Marc participated in a ZOOM meeting of Rotary Club Presidents in District 5550, where a number of items were discussed including the challenges of fund raising;
  • To follow up on this conversation, our Club's August Business Meeting will focus on identifying fund raising options we can successfully undertake to raise funds for service projects in Rotary year 2021-2022 - direction provided, "put on your thinking cap(s)";
  • Bob Durston, District Rotary Foundation Chair, advised the District has initiated a 2nd Call for District Grant Applications for Service Projects - for further information contact Peter Peters or Peter Neufeldt.


     President Jean-Marc invited Cory Daly to introduce our Guest Speaker, Stephanie Molloy. From Cory we learned that Stephanie Molloy is the retired director of the Certificate of Pastoral Studies program at the U of R. Offered through Campion College, she came to this position after working for many years in parish ministry, campus ministry, spiritual direction, and various volunteer associations. A mother of four and grandmother of six, she values the well-being of each person, regardless of their situation within society. A proponent of social justice causes, she currently espouses a non-partisan position as she participates in work within the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.
     Stephanie Molloy helped us understand, Self Care is anything we do to take care of ourselves. This includes anything we do deliberately in order to take care of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of our body. She stressed that it is important and even critical that "caring people" learn to say "NO". (Builds on Pat Dell's words of wisdom).Self Care is particularly important when we respond to failure. She noted that only 15% of what we communicate is verbal - the words we use. It is facial expression, gestures, using our hands, eye contact, body language which shout louder than our words. For many, the pandemic has caused us to make significant changes in the way we communicate, e.g. telephone and ZOOM have in a sense restricted what we see, hear, feel and sense. Hurts are caused because we do not get our message across, or we misinterpret the message others are sending to us. Equally, fatigue and stress directly impact us from presenting healthy and effective communication.
     Stephanie reminded us that Caring people (volunteers) can suffer from "burn out" and accordingly, we should intentionally control/limit our involvement. She advocates the development of one's own "self care plan". One component of such a plan is to "schedule" in regular laughter opportunities.
    "When was the last time you had a good "belly" laugh?” she asked. To stress this point she played a video clip where a New York Cabbie compares the metric and imperial systems of weights and measures (which made me laugh - not sure how it impacted others) - but it did brighten the day (which was already sunny). Stephanie identified that laughter: lowers blood pressure; reduces stress hormone levels; improves cardiac health; triggers the release of endorphins; and, produces a general sense of wellbeing. 
Stephanie Molloy
Now, should you want all those things to happen in your body, take a listen to video below, which Stephanie recommended - you may be confused by what you hear, but you will feel better - and you will hope that when you are next in New York, Matt Colbournes is the driver of your cab.
Thank you Stephanie Molloy for sharing your day with us.
Karen Kendrick-Hands
The Rotary Foundation Trustees and RI Board of Directors recently approved adding the new area of focus: supporting the environment. Karen Kendrick-Hands, communications director for the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group, discusses why the environment is an important aspect of Rotary projects. The Rotary Foundation Trustees and RI Board of Directors recently approved adding the new area of focus: supporting the environment. 
The Family of Rotary
Mateo A.T. Caparas
  • Mateo A.T. Caparas, President of Rotary International in 1986-87 died on July 15th. M.A.T. championed Rotary’s earliest efforts to fight polio in the Philippines in the late 1970's and created the program that became Rotary Community Corps;
  • Happy to hear from Allen Hillsden that after a  trying time, Grace's condition is improving, her appetite is returning which will contribute to the regaining strength. Grace and Allen, you remain in our thoughts.
  • Jean-Marc advised their youngest daughter graduated from high school and the family had an intimate family celebration with a Professional Photographer taking pictures, Dinner at the Diplomat and Night at the Saskatchewan Hotel. Then Sarah is off to University in Winnipeg and the Nadeau's will be "empty nesters";
  • Jeff Barber's daughter, Emily stepped away from her role with SEARCH and is enrolled in the College of Education at the U of R this fall;
  • Agbor Agbor was proud to tell us that his daughter also graduated which was acknowledged with a wonderful celebration;
  • Cory Daly was delighted that his seemingly most favorite ever professor from the U of R is our guest speaker today;
  • Peter Peters reported on a great weekend of cycling in the MS Society Canada  "virtual" bike tour fund raiser - Peter's fund raising success was in large part thanks to the support from members of Rotary;
  • Peter Neufeldt reminded members that he and Doug Mortin and other "bikers", would be participating in the August 22nd Ripple Effect Ride raising funds for this educational project in Guatemala - if you have not yet responded to their request for support, please consider this opportunity;
  • Doug Archer came on to tell us that he is having a happy summer enjoying the wonders of retirement;
  • Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing long weekend, and hope to see you all at our meeting next Thursday.
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Philosopher's Corner

"7  Lovely Logics      
1) Make Peace with your Past, so it doesn’t spoil your Present.
2) What others Think of you is None of your Business.
3) Time Heals Almost Everything, Give the Time, Some Time.
4) No one is the Reason for your Happiness Except you yourself.
5) Don’t Compare your Life with others, you have No Idea what their journey is all about.
6) Stop Thinking too much, It’s Alright not to know all the Answers.
7) Smile, you don’t own all the Problems in the World."  

Today's guests

Today's guests included Guest Speaker Stephanie Molloy, Zack Dumont (Pasqua Hospital) and Jessie Carlson guest of husband Gary. Visiting Rotarians included Bob Durston, RC of Neepawa; Avril Jones, RC of Regina Oskaya and Doug Keam, RC of Regina. Thank you for being part of our meeting - you made a difference.

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