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  • From Doug Mortin "The Rotary Club of Regina Eastview invited Access Communications to be part of honouring Otto and Florence Driedger as Paul Harris Fellows.  We join them at the Driedger's home to hear from Peter Peters about The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and specifically their purpose in recognizing Otto and Florence, as their lives have truly paralleled the values and principles of Rotary.  Doug Mortin then joins us to make the presentation.  We then have an amazing chat with the recipients.
    ⏰ Talk of The Town with Lisa Peters airs Mon - Fri 7 am, 12 pm, & 5:30 pm
    đź“ş AccessNow TV Channels 7 & 70, 507 or the AccessNow TV app and watch anywhere!!"  YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!
  • Next week Otto and Florence Driedger will be presented Paul Harris Fellow awards at the club meeting.  Doug Mortin and Peter Peters will present the awards on zoom in the Driedgers home.  You don't want to miss meeting and hearing about the volunteer work of these two worthy individuals.
  • Carole Bryant, Assistant Governor, advised us to check the District website for dates and information on the District Leadership Seminar, the District Conference and reminded us of the District Talk show next Thursday evening.


Donna introduced Chantel Huel and Stan Tu'Inukuafe to our to talk about the STR8 UP program. Saskatoon-based youth worker Stan Tu’Inukuafe co-founded STR8-UP, a program designed to help young men and women escape gangs and leave their criminal lifestyles behind. Based on Indigenous teachings, the program provides participants with a safe environment to heal, to overcome addiction, and to become productive members of their communities.  Stan has been working in this capacity for 20 years.  Stan says: â€śWe never go looking for people, people come to us”.

STR8 UP will contact people referred by police and corrections staff — people who aren’t ready to leave a gang.  Stan responds to incarcerated people -- some are ready to change, they try and they slip back into their gang activity.  Then they call Stan again and again he will try to help.  There are many successes.  The organization helps people released from prison adapt to life on the outside--to acquire identification papers, to reconnect with family, to develop skills and find employment.  The work of this organization is a gift to individuals and to communities.  It started as the only such help available. 

Stan introduced Chantel, a person who was engaged in gang activity from the age of 12.  After a number of incarcerations in Federal Institutions and the last time in a cell adjacent to her daughter, Chantel again called Stan requesting help to change her ways.  After many difficult days in a healing process, thanks to Stan and STR8 UP, Chantel and her daughter are now telling their story and helping educate communities about this unique organization.   Our sincere thanks to you Stan, for what you do and to Chantel for telling her story.  


Chantel is now trying to be a role model to her children and grandchildren.  STR8 UP is the "light to people in darkness".  Chantel says she has healed by sharing.  She shows courage and strength in her presentations.  Thank you
The Family of Rotary
Allen and Grace in days gone by
This past week was a sad time for our rotary family. Two lovely souls have passed on.
Grace Hillsden passed away on Feb. 19, beloved by husband Allen, their family, friends and also the R.C. of Regina Eastview.  Grace was an integral part of our club—volunteering for various events, attending occasional meetings to hear a special speaker or just to see everyone, always with hugs and smiles.  Grace was special.  I recall the week I was inducted into Eastview in 1999.  It was Thanksgiving week and Allen called me 2 days after my induction to invite me to Thanksgiving dinner at their home.  They thought I would be alone and wanted me to join in fellowship with them and others at their table.  I had to decline as I was having a family dinner but I never forgot their kindness which they extend to everyone and that has continued throughout their lives.  Grace will be missed.  We remember her with love and respect.  Our condolences to Allen and family. Our sympathies also, Allen, on the loss of your brother.
Madhao Thakre has been a long-time active member and more recently an honorary member of our club.  He lived the principles of Rotary and occasionally reminded us to be fair and hear the other side.  His wife Kusum was a part of many Eastview events when health permitted.  Sadly, Kusum passed away this past week.  She will be missed by Madhao, her family and the Rotary community.  Kusum and Madhao were special—always friendly and kind doing what they could for their community and always mindful of those less fortunate than the rest of us.  They were keenly aware of the needs of some in the world and commitment to creating awareness of this need became their passion.  We are thankful for their presence in our midst all these years.  Our condolences to Madhao and family. 
  • Sergeant Richard  relative to last week's discussion on peace building and conflict resolution pointed out 4 tips from the March Rotarian: Wait for the right moment, listen and validate, explore options, learn about mediation.  Good for us to know in our lives.  The following happy bucks were contributed:
  • Gary reported that daughter, Laurie Carlson-Berg is retiring from the U of R as Professor Emeritus and has taken on a new leadership role with the UniversitĂ© de l’Ontario français in Toronto. Congratulations.
  • Pat is happy to have her house back in order following a meticulous paint job by husband, Glen.
  • Richard was happy that Pat delivered his auction items to his home.
  • Jeff has an outing tonight to Gov't House to 'One Book, One Province' and the book is Air Cooking on a Prairie Homestead."
  • Stay safe and stay well everyone.
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Philosopher's Corner

"Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some happy, and some exciting. But if you don’t turn the page you will never know what the next chapter holds." 
                                  Abdul Kalam

Today's guests

Today's guests were: Stan Tu'Inukuafe, Chantel Huel, and Rotarian Carole Bryant, R.C. of Regina

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"Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footprints have left in our hearts” – Dorothy Ferguson 
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