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  • Regina Eastview will be having a formal business meeting on the Thursday following the monthly Board of Director's meeting;
  • Club Directors meet the late afternoon on the 2nd Thursday of each month;
  • This will provide members with an overview of matters discussed by the Directors, the anticipated action and allow members to ask questions;
  • Treasurer Shannon Windrim advised there are still a few members who have not paid their membership dues - please take the necessary action;
  • Lori Smith was introduced as a prospective member in the RC of Regina Eastview - Peter Neufeldt is pleased to act as Lori's sponsor;
  • President's Social will be held at Pat Dell and Glen Tressel's back yard in August - date to be set.
  • To watch today's meeting video, click above because I did not cut off enough of the pre-meeting conversation plase slide the viewing cursor to the right to about 20 minutes, which is when the meeting gets started.


Earlier this week President Jean-Marc advised our program this week would be in the form of a Business Meeting apprising members of details from last Thursday's afternoon's Directors meeting. Accordingly, reports would be provided by members who attended the meeting and were present at today's Zoom Meeting.
     From President Jean-Marc we learned that the developing a Strategic Plan is a high priority identified during the past year, and this process will be led by Club's leadership Team of President (Jean-Marc), President Elect (Pat Dell), Vice President (Jeff Barber) and Past President (Jack Wozniak). The Team will update and involve the members during the process.
     Membership Growth and Fundraising are key components of the Club's focus for the next 12 months and beyond. Under the direction of John Van Koll and Charles Sadzamare, respectively, these areas require our individual and collective attention and participation. Jean-Marc noted that from conversation at Presidents' Council, it appears the RC of Regina Industrial Parks is having some fundraising success and may provide clues to future approaches Eastview can mimic.
     The President repeated his written invitation for Club members to advise him of where they would like to serve in the coming Rotary year. If you wish to continue with your current committee role this was fine, but he indicated there were opportunities in Club Administration and on the Service Project Committees (Community, International and Youth). There are also two leadership roles which need to be filled, namely in Public Relations and Rotary Foundation. Ann Grahame, Chair of Youth Service Projects spoke to the need to replace 2 key people in her area, and would welcome additional members to assist with aspects of their work.
Treasurer Shannon Windrim told us that the final touches on the Club's Website will allow for a "Pay on line" feature. Unfortunately Charles Sadzamare had audio issues with his computer, as we were unable to hear him, so he will have more to say next week.
     President Elect Pat Dell indicate she is working with Cory Daly orienting him to the Club Administration portfolio and specifically lining up speakers for our regular meetings. President Elect Jeff Barber will be working on identified tasks at the Directors meeting and will be able to provide more detail after the August Directors meeting.
     In response to Jean-Marc's invitation for comments, Bob Durston noted within Youth Services, Rotary Clubs must have a member identified as the Youth Harassment Officer. The President will add this to the list of unfilled roles.
Thank you, President Jean-Marc, Directors and Chairs for your leadership on our behalf and for opening "doors of opportunity".
Guess Who's Comming to Dinner attended by President Jean-Marc & First Lady Cheryl
2020 Rotary Virtual Convention - July breakout sessions
Here is some great Rotary education opportunities! "To follow RI's first virtual convention, more inspiring breakout sessions are being held in July to help you get a strong start to the Rotary year.
Don’t miss The Future of Online Learning on Wednesday, 22 July, 14:00 to 15:00 Chicago time (UTC-5). In this session, we’ll look at the online courses offered in Rotary’s Learning Center and explore how virtual training has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Review the list of all the July breakout sessions to find more that can help you and your clubs. The session times are listed in Chicago time (UTC-5)."
The Family of Rotary
  • Allen Hillsden advised that following a long couple of weeks in and out of hospital a couple of times, Grace came home today and is recovering. Please keep Grace, Allen and their family in your thoughts and prayers.
May This Be Your Experience
  • Pat Dell and Jenna Raimbault were the hosts of Regina Eastview's 2020 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", a new experience for our Club in recent memory (if ever);
  • Praise of the "guests" who attended to these events were heaped on during the Sergeant's Happy Dollar time - Take a bow Jenna, Pat and Glen - you have established a high bar;
  • Dave Edwards celebrated a birthday on July 11th and smilingly acknowledged a really bad birthday serenade;
  • Leticia Utsch Oliveria, our Club's In-Bound  2010-2011 Rotary Exchange Student from Brazil, attended last evening's Regina Oskaya ZOOM meeting and wished to be remember-ed to the Club;
  • Jeff Barber had happy $'s as he told us that all of Regina's Libraries are open - Members heaped on accolades expressing their appreciation for "opening this door of opportunity";
  • Peter Neufeldt was pleased to tell us that he and Janet are celebrating their 55 Wedding Anniversary today - CONGRATULATIONS;
  • Have a wonderful week and hope to see you next meeting;
  • Keep safe and stay well.
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Philosopher's Corner

"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”
                                         Groucho Marx

Today's guests

Today we were joined by Lori Smith a guest of Peter Neufeldt. Visiting Rotarians included Bob Durston, RC of Neepawa; and, from the RC of Regina Carole Bryant and Doug Keam.

Next Meeting Responsibilities

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     President Jean Marc Nadeau
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