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  • The speaker next week will be PDG Eva Vida from the Rotary Club of Winnipeg speaking about the Rotary Foundation.  You don't want to miss this presentation!
  • The Gala Committee would welcome additional sponsors and donations. These would be appreciated as soon as possible to enable printing in the promotional booklet. If you can volunteer to deliver meals please contact Shannon Windrim.
  • The Affinity Virtual Valentine Gala website is up and running.  Please get your meal orders in..


Today we had the opportunity to hear about the work of the Board of Directors.  All are busy dedicated people.  First we heard President Pat Dell's report as follows: land acknowledgement is unresolved.  Further discussion is needed. In person meetings will not be held for sometime due to COVID concerns;  The Nominating Committee (Pat Dell, Jeff Barber and John Van Koll) are looking for volunteers to fill positions in the coming year.  They would appreciate a 'yes' when they talk to you. A number of members have reached important milestones: Gord Wicijowski--60 year pin; Peter Peters and Leo Ell each have earned a 50 year pin; Jizinge Mwela has earned a 5 year pin.  Congratulations to all.
The Rotary Foundation, club chair-Gail Bradley reported the following:
Rotary International offers opportunities to individuals who support RI’s grants and programs to receive recognition.  Over the years for various projects the Club has undertaken, R.I has rewarded the Club with recognition points.  Each dollar earns 1 point.  The Club has accumulated a number of points.
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition is given to anyone who contributes a gift of $1000 USD or more to the Annual Fund, the Polio Plus Fund or an approved global grant.  A pin and certificate are given to the donor.  At their last meeting, the Board approved the use of club points for a donor to contribute $1000 CDN and the exchange would be covered by club points.  If a member chooses this method of contribution, he/she would notify the Club Chair of the Rotary Foundation.
The Board also approved the use of Club recognition points to confer the honor of a Paul Harris Fellow on a worthy non-Rotarian who exemplifies Service Above Self in their volunteer efforts.   If you know of such a person you may submit a nomination to me.  It would be reviewed by a small committee and could be put forward for the Paul Harris Fellow which would be presented at a Club meeting or a Club event to honor that special person.
Lastly from July 2021 through January 2022 our club has contributed $4,764 to the Annual Fund and total contributions are $7,141.  The contribution to AF per capita for this time period is $106.  Treasurer Shannon Windrim reported that the ham sale profit was $5595.  This in addition to other funds will be invested in various amounts for various terms.  Our new accounting firm is Dudley Co.  Peter Peters from International Services reported very impressive news from a special meeting held last evening.  The Goal for the Guate iii project has been met and the Committee recommended that the project go forward.  Following is the report on this project.  The good news is that the Committee has already saved the money in an account with the Ripple Effect Committee.
"Background (by Peter Peters on behalf of the International Services Committee)
The District 5550 Ripple Effect Program has participated in two previous Goal for Guate initiatives in Guatemala in partnership with the host Rotary Club of Guatemala Oeste. A Goal for Guate I was undertaken in 2015 and the Rotary Club of Saskatoon Meewasin was the International Sponsoring club which saw the installation of 17 computers into each of 12 schools. A Goal For Guate II was undertaken in 2019 with Regina Eastview as the International Sponsor. This project saw the installation of 17 computers into each of 20 schools. The projected opened the world of technology to 6,500 to 7,000 elementary school students. This $125,000.00 (US) project saw FUNSEPA, the supplier, installer and supporter of the reconditioned computers and trainer of teachers and parents, donating $26,000.00 (US) to this initiative. The remaining $99,000.00 (US) was the responsibility of Rotary Clubs in Districts 4250 and 5550, District Designated Funds from these two Districts, the Government of Canada through an agreement with The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Canada and TRF’s World Fund. Regina Eastview’s financial contribution to the project was $20,200.00 (US).
A Goal For Guate III
A Goal for Guate III was initially proposed by the RC of Guatemala Oeste in September 2020 and was virtually a duplication of the successful Guate II project that was completed the previous March. The initial challenge was to identify the 20 schools, with the expectation that some of these would be schools built through the Ripple Effect Program. An important aspect of school selection was the school would need to have the required facilities, e.g. secure space, desks and chairs, electricity. Guatemala Oeste and FUNSEPA worked to ensure these aspects were in place in the selected school communities.
Identifying and ensuring the required funding was a critical piece of the process. Significant TRF matching funding processes occurred in 2020-2021, in part due to the COVID pandemic which contributed to TRF’s restructuring their matching grant processes. At the same time the Government of Canada / TRF Agreement expired, which meant replacement funding needed to be found. We were made aware by the Guatemala Ripple Effect Committee that the Government of Guatemala had received an Anonymous “Gift”, which was available for projects that would benefit the wellness, health and education of children in Guatemala.
Late last week we learned that resources from this Fund are available. With a contribution of $30,600 US from the RC of Regina Eastview, the Global Grant Application can be prepared for submission to TRF. We currently have $53,000 CND and $34,200 USD in our Ripple Effect Account. 
The number of student beneficiaries will be similar to Guate II.
Recommendation : This project was approved to move forward." Wonderful news.
Sector Barios School Guatemala, kitchen, bathroom and new classroom
Admin--Donna Parry:  Donna has been devoting a lot of time to the Valentine Gala Facebook page.  Select your friends on Facebook whom you would like to participate and share the information.  There will be links near the top of the Facebook page for you to access the Auction.  Thanks Donna 
Sam Berg Chair of Community Services was happy to note that $1000 was matched with $900 from the District for a grant for Chili for Children.  Well done.  Early Childhood Intervention program has been sent a cheque for $500. Good news Sam.  Some of the members put in a total of 69 hours of bell ringing for the Salvation Army at Christmas time.  Thanks to you, Sam, and your committee members & volunteers.
Al Hoeft from Youth Services reported that unfortunately the student exchange program has been postponed for another year due to COVID.  However students will be attending a virtual MUNA program hosted by the R. C. of Winnipeg in April.  Fundraising from Charles Sadzamare reported that he and others are contacting potential sponsors for the Gala.    From PP Jean-Marc--he has been looking into the possibility of a hybrid system once we return to in-person meetings.  Unfortunately the equipment required for virtual coverage is expensive so further discussion will be needed. .
Sector Barios school--The kitchen serving area
The 3-classroom project cost was $46,231.00 (US). As the project proceeded savings were being realized, so the RC of Retalhuleu on behalf of the community, proposed the building of a kitchen to be funded by construction savings and community donations of building sand, gravel and labor. In response to logic advanced by the Rotary Club, the community and Regina Eastview support, TRF approved the Kitchen's construction to be complete by mid-January.
The Family of Rotary
  • Please keep Allen and Grace Hillsden in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. They are a huge part of our Rotary family.
  • Jack Wozniak celebrated a birthday on January 11 and Ann Grahame's birthday was January 13.  Hoping you both had a special day.
  • Lyle Gollnick joined our club 20 years ago.  Congratulations.
Remember to visit the Website and order your meals.
  • Sergeant Richard Schwan issued Rotobucks to President Pat for the following: She urged him to remember the 4-way Test especially 'Is it the truth?'  for realizing the snowman in his background was not real when he had indicated it was.  It looked real.  She was also wearing her Rotary pin and she had tried to get into the good graces of the Sergeant.  The year is off to a good start for the President.!
  • Then it was about educating the members about our club expecting the following correct answers: the name of the Affinity Credit Union Virtual Valentine Gala, Vocational Services month in January; the beneficiaries of the Valentine Gala and the 60 years served by Gord Wicijowski.
  • That's all for this week.  Stay well and stay warm.  The days are getting longer!
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Philosopher's Corner

"We’ve learned to fly the air like birds,
We’ve learned to swim the seas like fish,
And yet we haven’t learned to walk Earth as brothers and sisters."
                   Martin Luther King, Jr
January 17 was Martin Luther King Day..

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