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  • Club Directors met late this afternoon at Access Communications - you might be late, even if you leave right now;
  • Members who indicated an interest in participating in the Club's Strategic Planning process should be prepared for a meeting as early as next Friday;
  • District Conference, Kenora, Ontario - May 21-24;
  •  His Honour the Honourable Russ Mirasty, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Prayer Breakfast Committee, invite you to attend the 50th Annual Saskatchewan Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. At Convention Hall, Conexus Arts Centre, 200 Lakeshore Drive, Regina. Featuring Guest Speaker: Mrs. Christina Haugan. Check with President Jack to access tickets.


We were honored today to have as our Guest Speaker the Chief Executive Officer of the Municipalities of Saskatchewan, and Regina Eastview Rotarian Jean-Mark Nadeau, who came to tell us about this Province wide organization which is now his political reality. Jean-Mark smilingly survived the Municipalities of Saskatchewan "First" Annual Meeting under its new title. The organization is as old as the Province of Saskatchewan, having been created in 1905, when it was titled the Union of Saskatchewan Municipalities. Previous to its 2020 renaming, the organization was known as SUMA (Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association) and is structured under a 1967 Act of Parliament which is now undergoing its first ever updating.
Focused on a VISION, as the collective voice for all Saskatchewan hometown communities and represents the interests of the members to other orders of government leading to improved local government and thriving, sustainable communities. They have as their MISSION, the voice of Saskatchewan's home-towns. The Organization is built on 6 critical VALUES consisting of: Independence; Member Focused; Accountability; Innovative; Transparency; and being Respectful. They are the collective voice of urban municipalities around the province, to which membership is voluntary. It is currently comprised of 16 Cities; 149 Towns; 233 Villages; 32 Resort Villages; and, 13 Northern Municipalities, a collection of 294 unique entities, which in some instances have less than 100 residents. This is part of the 744 municipalities that exist is Saskatchewan.
Municipalities of Saskatchewan CEO Jean-Mark Nadeau
The Municipalities of Saskatchewan, has three Core Functions: i) Advocacy - serving as the voice of its members; ii) Group Programs - which includes exercising its collective purchasing power, e.g. Insurance; and, iii) Capacity Building - seeking out opportunities to expand the services provided.
Jean Mark touched briefly on the challenges faced by members - challenges such as: i) Infra structure funding - e.g. replace, rehabilitate, or build new; ii)
Operational funding - e.g. revenue sharing/ alternative sources; iii) Capacity - e.g. migration to large urban centres, aging population; and, iv) Downloading - e.g. Cost of health care, environ-mental services. Clearly, the population has, and continues to shift, from a rural Saskatchewan world to an urbanized world and with these changes the leadership provided by the Municipalities of Saskatchewan will become ever more important. To have a person with Jean-Mark's talents and personality to stick-handle the organization through  the highs and lows of their continuing transition will be key.Thank you, Jean-Mark!
Sam Berg, Michael Price & Allen Hillsden
The Family of Rotary
The Regina Eastview Family was challenged today with greeting each other and our guests. Above, Sam Berg and Allen Hillsden extend an appropriate "distance" welcome to visitor Michael Price - no touching. Below, the lower extremities got into the act.
Charles Sadzamare and Leif Riesach Practice "the right and left toe touch"
  • Not touching opened other appreciated options as demonstrated above;
  • Under Barry Strohan's leadership we celebrated some really cool matters like:
  • Allen & Grace Hillsden who celebrated their 53rd Wedding Anniversary last Thursday;
  • Ann Grahame's grandson Paul wrote both the music and the lyrics for a couple of songs  sung by his friend Ryan at a Calgary night showcase which received high praise;
  • Doug Mortin expressed appreciation for the recent induction of Toshi and Shawn into the RC of Regina Eastview;
  • We rejoiced with Jeff Barber in his hope that his adventure with shingles is nearing completion... and oh yes, his wife Nancy had a Birthday;
  • Through Greg McNamara's urging Regina Eastview member contributions to TRF's Annual Program Fund have made the Club eligible to apply for District and Global Grants - take a bow:
  • Jizinge Mwela and Ron Okumura served us at the Registration Desk and Leif Riesach did his best to make sure we were all greeted in an appropriate manner - thank you all;
  • Enjoy your weekend - see you next week.
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Philosopher's Corner

"In selected public situations, never ask an individual, "Do you know me", unless you are very, very, very sure you know the answer they will give - and even then don't ask the question."
Allen Hillsden paraphrased by Editor

Today's guests

Michael Price, guest of Laurel Mattison; and, Lori Smith, guest of Jack Wozniak.

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