GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER is a social program that has been a longstanding tradition of Rotary. It is designed to provide an opportunity for members and a plus one to get to know other club members in a completely informal, small group setting. As we cannot yet hold entire club meetings, this is an amazing way for Rotarians to get re-connected to each other during COVID-19 social restrictions.
All members of our club are encouraged to join in and enjoy this wonderful program of fellowship and information exchange. The program involves getting together with an entirely different group of Rotarians & their guests for 1 weekend a month, until everyone has had a chance to host. Your plus one may be your spouse or significant partner, but you may also choose to partner up with another Rotarian, bring a guest, or attend individually as long as you indicate your preference in the form below so that we can plan the groups. If you're regular plus one can't make it to an evening - no problem! Bring someone else if you like.